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Not the Same Class

As a business owner, I cannot refrain myself from entertaining hot prospects. No matter how small their budget is, I’ll find ways to give my sincerest advice.

Yesterday was different. I received a call from a lead. He explained what he wanted in his web blah, blah, blah this that. I’m sure I could fill the blank field he left. The web is my playground, peanuts…

“I want it by Monday if possible”, in his snobbish bossy style.

So I explained in great detail of how I imagined it to be until it comes down to the cost, roughly 5-digits.

“What?” he yelled on the phone. “If I ask a non-bumi, I could fetch the price for RM500++ . Why are you charging so much? Are you trying to cheat me? So this is how a Malay do business, greedy and sneaky”, he bombarded.

He continued his gibberish lecture. I figured he’s an UMNO guy, cheapskate, talk-cock, ‘perasan classy’ and most importantly, RACIST. But that isn’t enough to vent my anger in this fasting month. So I listened tentatively to what he said, anticipating my turn to hit back.

“We’re not the same class. If you want Kancil, go to Perodua, but if you want Mercedes, come to me”, I gave him a thoughtful analogy and dropped the call. If he’s smart enough, he’ll relate.

There’s a golden rule in service industry; you can only get 2 of the following:

  • Cheap
  • Fast
  • Quality

If you could provide all, then I’d suggest you start religion or a political party. Else, play nice with your competitors and vendors.

Remembering the 9-11, hats off. Heartiest condolences. Al-fatihah.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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hats off 🙁 [al-fatihah]

haha. i just face this thing few days back. we (my friend in Melaka, while I’m in Miri) got a project; which consist of 3 parts, 1 jumbo + 2 minis, and then I quote our price, and let my friend meet that person. later than, my friend text me and told me that the project owner is dumb. he is C-programmer, for government. but still, he told my friend that we are expensive. My friend did almost the same thing that you did to that person, but a bit different, as he met the guy face to face.

he asked for something with DB, and something like Social Networking site, and who give a damn if the price is just for a normal HTML static page? durh. I’m not saying that both of us is over-estimate or so what ever, but, it has to be effective for the cost to run and develop it too.

people nowadays. aduhai, they thought they have money (even ciput) or thought that they know everything , then the can demand anything. wahlaweh. pi cari budak sekolah la weh!

😡 :vangry:

p.s: at first, i was eager to have that project, as i can develop more, but, it is no longer worth it.

Hats of too…al-fatihah

Owh well…its normal lah…people nowadays suka sangat nak bargain in everything. Without thinking why we quote them with that price for the 1st place….sometimes tu nonsense sangat price yang di minta….

Sometimes they just try their luck. maner lah tau kita nak layan their price kan…usually I will explain what makes I quote them with that price…if they really want my service they will accept if they still want my service and still want to squeeze the budget…hohoho…I will say big NO…then please find another vendor….well…we have our own reputation so tak kan we nak accept rubbish kan…bukan nyer nak being belagak or gready or whatever lah kan….

For me tak salah kalau nak bargain…if reasonable we still can accept lah kan…but if like this guy being “cheapskate, talk-cock, ‘perasan classy’ and most importantly, RACIST.” Is way to much….lempang jer dia laju-laju….

hehehehe. good 4 u. my style usually in term of getting services or products from vendor or contractor is that i say what i want and ask them to quote a price. I will try to find a few quotation and consider their price, experience, etc. Bring it on a meeting and see which one people want.

sometimes negotiate with he sellers and see what he can come up with. but usually upon bargaining, with the cheap prices, the quality are not up to standard

kakakka, 😀

kalau dia nak sangat hari isnin ni, aku bagi dia Blogspot punya weblog, kakakka. 😆

anyway en. NH, akhu da download smily kau, tapi lom letak lagi link back, nanti petang sikit aku habis kelas aku buat, thanks ya for the smily. Dan satu lagi, apasal tak suma smily kuar a??

Sorry, penyimpang sikit topik, anyway, yg racist tu, hahaha, ku tak suka lah tengok dia punya muka, kekekke! 😉

they just need someone to blame for all their misery…
just like when u buy terung at the pasar (no, i don’t know the price, i just hentam and buy!), you can almost everytime here one complaint – “eh, akak mlayu tu jual 30sen lg murah, apsal aunty jual mahal sket ni?” OR “aiya uncle, bunga yg aunty kedai ujung sane (spots an indian lady) pun cantik2, tp dia mau kasi murah sama sy…”
if we don’t have RACE and RELIGION in this world, i wonder wat is the next targeted case of discrimination…GENDER perhaps?
It’s a wonder why we all always find case to discriminate against..

Well dude, if we’re talking about 30 sen – RM 1 difference, I couldn’t bother much. But pulling the RACE and RELIGION string is a huge offense.

Funny, we always relate our friends to their respective RACE. e.g. “I have an Indian friend in real estate.” Why cant we just say, “I have a friend in real estate” ? I guess its quickest way to describe ones natural attribute.

for me, its about the reputation, it’s about money vs time. It must be equally balanced. If it’s not, expect a tuna can la when you ask for a web design

Lempang laju2? Kalau die elak cepat-cepat?

ko bwk 500k cukup la …rega aku park jauh sket la…..kt pantai dalam takut kena calar nanti…aku parking kat simpang 4 kt depan bangsar village ok? situ mmg tempat org park keta merc brabus tuh..

aku rase die ade loose ckit r NH,come on r 500?sesedap oren die je. :vangry: ariel atom?rambut leh tercabut woo naik kete tuh 😛

memang aku sudah masak ngn benda cenggini beb. firts time aku terima je sbb pikir janji dpt duit. tp bila dah start keje, mcm2 dia mintak. kita minta bayaran tambahan macam2 alasan dia bagi. last2 projek terbengkalai plus kasi busuk nama kita je.

ps: br td aku bincang psl mentaliti malaysian. mahu bayar duit sangat kedekut dan lambat2 tapi kalau dapat duit mahu cepat. on time!

pss: chep + fast + quality = miracle in this world beb. if its happened, i’ll luv this world…

It is important to do that bro, in my line of work.. some people ‘degraded’ themselves and spoil the market. When a job is cost so and so, some retards/desperados go and price it way low below market value just so they gets the job, this will twist the equilibrium, the market just went off balance. Then, they complain they are getting paid nuts.

Mercedes huh?? Kewl… **so, I’ll expecting top-class work from you…kidding…LOL

Yeah! Agreed! Some people… they want to look good but at the same time… they don’t want to invest… Same goes here, he wanted a very-super-duper-dasyat-masyat web… but he didn’t wanna pay the price… haha! Cheap-skate…

**No money, no talk! Nothing’s free in this world…

[“We’re not the same class. If you want Kancil, go to Perodua, but if you want Mercedes, come to me”, ]
oh I like this one!!!! 😀

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