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Not So Blind Anymore

Over the past few years, I’ve had at least 6 spectacles, yesterday I got a new one.

This time around I was determined to get the cheapest pair, compared to other left-on-the-bus-or-MIA specs. The sales person tempted me upgrades, transitions, UV protections, extra coating, bla-bla-bla. It was hard to say no but I did anyway.

Total cost? RM 165. I won’t weep in bed if I lost this one.

It’s good to know my eye sight isn’t getting worst, maintained at 75-75. I can still see the world without it, but it isn’t sharp. Always had me mistaken an auntie for a hot chick, especially when she sits at the far corner of the tea shop.

Ed, tu makcik la!”, and it happened many, many times.

New Glass

Yes, looks can be deceiving and I finally have that ‘writer’ look.

ps: M’sia politic is getting worst & politicians are undeniably anal.

pss: Mother’s day is coming, I want to get mom a brooch. Any help?

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52 replies on “Not So Blind Anymore”

aisyah sama la macam saya. paling lama pakai hampir 9bulan, itu pun tukar sebab satu hilang. jadi bila dah hilang nak ganti sebelah aje macam tak adil pulak, jadinya tukar sepasang terus.

selagi boleh pakai, pakai aje.

ps: ye saya pun tau ia nya bahaya.

this is just a fraud.

oDiN. we don’t need them yet. insyallah not forever.
hahaha ➡

p.s: 0-0 eyes. lalala~

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