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Just so we’re clear, I’m not blogging for profit. Money will go to good cause.

thanks Mache, nice song.[audio:Quando-Quando-Quando.mp3]

Heyho! NoktahHitam was acquired on my 24th Birthday and launched late of Nov 07. Every year I make a point to buy myself a present (previous years includes electric guitar, laptop, mobile phone, dumbbells etc.). At first it was familiarizing process, then tweaking the theme, finally, down to serious matter, blogging! WordPress is so much easier than Joomla.

When I start on my new blog, it was still unclear what I wanted to talk about. Myself, People, Friends or whatever, but that would be a cliché . I also wanted to interview some of the low-profile top people in Malaysia. Especially those bearing Datukship on their name tag. We know nuts how they earned it, no? Also to highlight their down falls and how they endured it.

In the end, I just thought it would be easier to throw everything that passes my mind. So I’ll stick to that for a while until I’m free from my major projects (most will be launched on April).

From the stats above, I joined (not the same with on 10th of Jan. The hit that day was only 16, very, very small figure. The highest, on 24th Jan, 280 hits. What I noticed was:

  • 98% came from Malaysia (good2)
  • PageRank 0 (I don’t give a damn)
  • Alexa Ranking (also don’t give a damn)
  • Lower hits on Weekend (no internet at home?)
  • Higher hits on Weekdays (are you guys doing your job?)
  • Weirdest Search – MCKK Izrin (who is he??)
  • Common Search – Adlan Benan
  • Funniest Search – pengkid (I’m no gay!)
  • Brainless Search – Kote telur satu (I don’t think I wrote anything about testicles)

Anyway, thanks and keep reading the Wicked Malaysian Mind, NoktahHitam.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

22 replies on “NoktahHitam So Far”

Aah la Cik Aishah…
I pun ade contribute jugak…
Kan berdua lebih baik…

p/s :- eddie, keep it up…keep it up!

ko lahir bulan november ke?

org lahir bulan november mmg pandai2 dan bijak2 dan penuh dgn idea yg bagus..

Keep up a good work, bro!!

Akak accountant yg chomel,

Orang yang lahir bulan septamber pun pandai-pandai dan bijak-bijak serta dikurniakan dengan idea-idea yang bernas jugak la. Cuma tak dapat jadi jurutera yang chomel je. Ahaks. nkth.

thanks nana. bijak, pandai, hensem tu sume Tuhan yg bagi. Cume ape yg kite nak buat dgn segale kebolehan tu yg penting. For good or bad cause, terpulang la pada hati hitam masing2.

bagak aka jurutera yg kacak, bijak, bernas, pandai, puteh, tinggi, tough, dada bidang.. lenguh la puji lebey2. kalau nak puji lg, baik ko bubuh SAW je kat blakang name ko. pastu kite forward email ramai2 tentang agame ko. HAHAHA. (lawak kasar dah ni)

ps: NoktahHitam ni sebenarnye agama sesat di singapore. Sebab aku tanak dorg pakai domain ni la aku beli.

Honestly, your blog is attractive.
The way you present your point, your view is really nice.. ^^

It did happen to me when I first started writing my blog. I didn’t know what should I type and how should I make new friends. As time goes by, I keep on learning and thanks God, I’ve friends in blogosphere!


to adik bagak a.k.a jurutera yang chomel, kacak, bijak, bernas, pandai, puteh, tinggi, tough, dada bidang..

orang yg lahir bulan september pun pandai2..
ye betul…betul….

boleh tahan, keep it going my friend 🙂 i just started as well, I mean on my own domain.

p/s: the search results always leave me in stitches.. haha! very interesting to know what people type in search box to get to your blog, really. haha!

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