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Nobody is Blaming You

Today’s mood was pretty much ruined. The RM 30 spent on reflexology foot massage went down to drain just like that. Couple that with stupid 50km per hour bus driver hovering two lanes, dumb gas station attendant and some egoist brat, wheewww.. that really toppled my day.

One of the units I’m attached to had an open table dinner at La Bodega, Empire, supposedly to celebrate achievement of the quarter. The place is quite an alien to me. I’ve never been to a Mexican diner before, let alone a fusion one. The reason is simple, I don’t know what to order.

Since most of us didn’t know what to order and it’s all being paid for, we just pointed at everything on the menu. It’s going to be buffet ala carte, sharing between peers that is. It was all cool to shuffle plates and take up some portion just to acquire the taste. I ordered, Linguine Alfredo, a no brainer dish. What could possibly go wrong when you ordered something you are well accustomed to?

In the end, the boy sent my dish to the other end of the table. But since, we’re planning on just-dig-it strategy, it didn’t really matter. Until the last dish arrived at my side of the table which was ordered by someone who sits besides me.

It has some fancy name which I don’t even know how to pronounce. Spaghetti Angle Hair, squid and chicken cooked with bla bla bla..? Before he decided to order, I did try to hint him that I don’t think I’m going to like the dish. He ordered anyway. When it arrived, it looked nothing much than a standard friend noodle with a hefty price tag.

Think about it, fine spaghetti + chicken + squid = modern mee hoon goreng.

It looked orangey and weird. The taste was stale. It was probably the most tasteless carbo loaded food that I’ve ever swallowed, second to British potatoes. I turned to the guy who ordered and said, “dude, this is awful”.

You know what he did next? He flinched. All of a sudden there’s a great wall of  China between me and him. He was super defensive. “The taste is OK lah”. He went on and on about the taste and his choice of dish. He even said, “since your order didn’t arrive, let’s consider we made this decision together”. Seriously WTF?

First, why are you being super defensive? I’m not paying for it, the company is!

Second, if it does not taste good, just admit it. No one is forcing you to finish it.

Third, who is blaming you for your bad choice?

Forth, why the fuck do you have to drag me down with you?

Fifth, again, why are you being defensive?

I know this appears to you as immaturish to squabble over a petty matter, but I have valid points here. No one at the table was booing him. We just agreed that, we’ll never order such thing again. If that’s too much to accept, then seriously why did you order something you’re unfamiliar with in the first place? Shesshhh..

In the end, he asked the waiter to pack it for his housemate. Implying that they’ll appreciate more than we do. Well, excuse me for being an ass, but I don’t like what I don’t like. You can’t force me to like what I don’t like.

I guess he was just feeling guilty, making everyone taste something horrible or spending the company’s money unwisely. And certainly, no one wants to be reminded as the guy who order ‘makanan tak sedap‘ .

Dude, what is done is done. Just say sorry and move on, Ok?

ps: I kinda flinched at Aisyah. Sorry B.

pps: Admitting you are wrong doesn’t make you stupid, it makes you humble. And everyone FUCKING LOVE humble people over egoist

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12 replies on “Nobody is Blaming You”

hahaha…pernah kena sekali
menu tulis ‘mee siam’
sekali datang mehun goreng gaya makcik kantin sekolah je

ingat ke cute miut mcm awek siam, suami ckp..haha

biasalah tu.aku pn sll je rasa mcm tu.lebih2 lg kalau bukan diri sndri yg byr.guilty kot order yg xsedap(kalau duit sndri lg meroyan haha).tp apsal lah mamat tu emo begitu.PMS

Hahahahahaha, this is an old posting but I just got round to reading it. I know who you’re talking bout as well. So typical of him what, likes to make decisions without thinking, and he compounds the shit situation he’s in by making further stupid comments.

Not to mention the fact that he’s incapable of taking full responsibility for his own actions. Sheesh.

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