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No Phone, No Worries

Every Monday morning we have unit meeting and I never want to be late, else get a deep glaring stare from my boss, which can be scary. So it’s common sense for me to wake up early, sadly today that didn’t happened, I overslept.

If I had to blame anyone, it would be the el-classico match (Barca – Real). It was a match not to be missed, a spectacular showmanship, super passing, through balls, wall passes and limelight finishing. I burn the night candle watching it.

Anyway, I forgot my phone today. I already wore my riding boots and couldn’t be bothered to go up. I have to say, I love this 90’s feeling. No phone, no distractions. I can focus on meetings, share a conversation and even read one whole article.

If I were to name an invention I hate, it would be the mobile phone. It’s a constant distraction, a reminder that you are important elsewhere. I am rather amused though, how did the people in the early days survived? That’s a thought to ponder.

On the low note, I can kill my boredom with BadPiggies. I can’t promise I won’t forget my phone, afterall a phone is just a phone. What’s the point of being there when you’re elsewhere? Ouch!

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