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No Internet Day, How Kids Reacted

Every morning when the kids got up, they’d want to watch cartoons on the TV. Either from Youtube – Steve and Maggie, Ryan Toys Review or Princess Nela. Unfortunately the internet was down for today, because we forgot to make payment.

As alternative, I suggested to them to watch something from what we’ve downloaded.

“Kids, what do you want to watch?”

Sara – Ferdinand!

Amira – Coco!

Ferdinand! Coco! Ferdinand! Coco!.. They were bickering what to watch.

“How about we watch Frozen?”

“Ok abah”, the two girls replied.

TV is really not the best option to allow kids to watch unsupervised. But in my experience, it’s much better than giving them mobile device.

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One reply on “No Internet Day, How Kids Reacted”

I was once said to my late zauji that I rather my kids playing in semak or parit instead of playing with gadget. My son is 2 years old now and sometimes he did ask to play with the phone. I cant totally stop him from gadget. Memang satu keperluan waktu ini dan itu adalah benda yg normal di zaman kanak2 dia. So I just slow him down. Setiap kali dia minta nak main phone saya akan umpan or leka kan dia dgn benda or mainan lain and alhamdulillah menjadi.

Lagi2 klu dia tgk abg2 and kakak2 dia masing2 pegang phone, dia pun ikut nak pegang juga. Sekali sekala turutkan juga la dan buka kan dia sesuatu yg bermanfaat.

Btw its good to see you still updating your blog. Keep it up Ed.

Sara is more like Aisyah.

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