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Something is wrong with my blog. No one can leave a comment. This is rather weird, even for me.

*rubbing palms*

It’s time to unravel the mystery. Will do after my sleep. Darn.

ps: Can you try to leave a comment here?

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I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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If this comment appears then it’s working. I remembered that there was an old WP bug causing Akismet to count emoticons as one spam word. It has been sorted out back then but have you updated your Akismet or WP lately?

Perhaps it’s just a PHP timeout error or something?

aku pon nak test gak.. check mic 1 2 3
apa kate lepas dah baiki mikropone ni
kite pergi ngeteh.. lame tak berguru ngan
nko ni beb. hahaha… ade beberapa perkara
nak tanye.

mula2 tulis komen kuar nama org atas aku tu (zool) leh aku tulis mengarut2 pekena org lain..hahaha..

bila aku komen kali kedua, dia ok plak dah..cess.

sapa2 dh dpt Google Wave, ringan2kan lah tangan anda meng’invite’ aku..hehe.

mcm best je,kena tinggal yahoo mail ni…tapi dh 11 tahun guna,sayang nama email,susah nk dpt email pendek skang

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