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Nizar Became Imam at BN’s Event

In case you missed, yes, Nizar did became the imam at BN’s event. Here’s some excerpt.

Namun sewaktu pergi menunaikan solat maghrib di Masjid Simpang, saya diminta oleh imam Tuan Hj Hisham untuk mengimamkan solat tersebut dan saya bersetuju. Sewaktu masuk kemasjid saya diberitahu Tan Sri Muhyidin Yasin, Timb Presiden UMNO, dato Zambry Kader , calun Ismail Saffian dan ramai lagi pimpinan UMNO pusat dan negeri juga ada bersama. Pimpinan UMNO berada disaf pertama. read the rest

I respect Nizar and still do. However, I disagree with him being proud of his piousness. It doesn’t matter who’s the Imam, at the end of the day, we (muslim) hope our prayers were heard and accepted. Not to mention the 27 deeds (pahala) that comes with it.

Throughout his post, Nizar was sarcastic (discreetly). It’s fine by me if he leaves religion untouched. Unfortunately, that became his forte.

Towards the end, he smeared Zambry (new Perak MB’s) face. If I may I ask, is there any part of Islam that allows a muslim to ridiculed another being? Even a hudud offender wears black bag before beheaded. It proves, everyone has dignity.

I never thought I would write all the above. I’m sure Nizar will come to his senses sooner or later. What changed my mind was a fanatic PAS youth.

I admit, my comment here was rather uncalled for. After all, he was lauding and praising his leader and I appear out no where, connecting a punch or two, who wouldn’t be angry?

Menjaja agama sendiri, macam agama bole di-value. Politic, politic, agama, agama, 2 sect yang berbeze. Kecewa sungguh bile dgr pemimpin riak pasal amal ibadah.

I was merely expressing what I thought and felt.

Orang umno sudah rosak akidah. Politik adalah sebahagian dari agama dan tidak harus dipisahkan. Fahaman sempit politik suku agama suku melahirkan generasi Umno tiga suku yang akhirnya hanya pentingkan tembolok suku sakatnya sahaja.

Soal riak tidak timbul sebab bukan Nizar yang buat cerita pasal dia. Orang-orang yang suka padanya sanjung dan hormati beliau dan mahu orang lain lain contohi beliau.

Selagi ada orang-orang Umno seperti NoktahHitam, maka senanglah program dakwah Pas dan Pakatan Rakyat. Terima kasih kerana serlahkan kebodohan diri sendiri disini!

That was his reply.

1. Akidah is between Allah and his slaves (us). No one has the rights to point a finger and say, “you’re going to hell”

2. True, politic is part of religion. But in Nizar’s case, it was the other way around. Religion CANNOT be a sub set of politics.

3. 1/4 + 1/4 = 1/2. Mana datang 3 suku?

4. Nizar wrote it himself. I proved above! (kene caught tak bace!)

5. Nizar is indeed a exemplary leader. I never doubted that.

6. Me, UMNO? No. And my NO goes to all political party in Malaysia until someone campaigns about reducing pollution and saving the planet!

7. Is this how PAS members talk? Rude and jumpy? Or you’re one of a kind?

I’m glad RausyanFikir shares my frustration.

ps: Enough politic talk, back to room cleaning, weee!

pss: Auww man, his last line really got me. *sigh!*

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“Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason.”

lol takde kaitan. Ape buka party baru je, i tlg kempenkan

p/s : im assuming you are back on your feet working and motivated now? Good good ^^

Its his blog and he has a right to express himself and report about the particular incident. I don’t see any sense of “riak” into it, really. Sometimes I feel that you read too much into things, brother. Perhaps you have good intentions but sometimes it is better to just keep quiet about it rather than “shoot the gun without loading”, get what I mean?

No ill-will intended. Wassalam.


Who are you referring ‘his’ to, DPPWP or Nizar?

It’s tough for you to see, you’re a member yourself. Of course you’ll uphold your party. Why don’t you get a universal opinion?

Shoot the gun without loading – referring me as tong kosong? Wow.

This is rather a serious post you know. I’m an open target. But it’s nice to know I have friends who could help me out.

You can be the medic team, you know, in case ade pertumpahan darah atau sisa toxic.

I might say, that he’s one of his kind. Then I might add, you might find more like him in this ‘season of war’.

Kesian NH. Tak pasal2 kena tuduh jd UMNO.

p/s: Bila ‘jadi UMNO’ is so uncool……

org tak pernah jd imam la tuh kot…
bile dah jadi, bangga2 plak…
islam x leh jadi subset of politics..
sepatutnya politics yg kena jd subset of islam…
tak patut pisahkan politik dan agama…
tapi cara dia ‘menyatukan’ politik dan agama tuh..
hm…salah ke betul?? pikir la sniri…

Need to concur with you that IR Nizar is sooo riak and it is very contradict with qualities that pendakwah(s) should have.

It is not because you think too much but the thing is you really analyze it, and you make people THINK too (yes I am referring this to you NH, so bravo.). Sometimes 1=1 tak sama dengan 2. In DSD, dia leh jadi 0 kan? Haha.. Not so sure boleh pakai tak perumpamaan nie. Hehe… Anyway, I concur with Rausyanfikir too. He has good points, and I dont smell something fishy macam nak bela another party ke. Even the example that ge gave mmg bagus.. Tell me what is the best example selain, apa yang Rasulullah sendiri yang buat? And bukankah pemimpin perlu mencontohi Rasulullah? Terutama sekali yang Muslim.. Dan dia tak merendahkan lawannya bukan? ๐Ÿ˜‰’s hard to be a politicians or a leader..especially when you’re with the opposition..but hey, no matter how good or evil you’re still a human being..

Before I type anymore, let me clarify with you, I’m not an UMNO, PAS or PKR supporter..heck, I’m still not even registered with SPR..haha..guilty as charged! (tidak berbakti pada negara)..

Yes, I agree with u Nizar’s statement might sound a bit riak..but who are we to judge..right? I’m not an ustaz/mufti neither ulama’..if I were any of those, how do you feel when i say something like; Nizar, awak ni riak la bila saya baca statement awak..berdosa besar tu siot.. (maybe not with the ‘siot’ word lah..)

What is your judgment then? Am I also riak of laying those words..thinking that my amalan is sempurna? That I’m closer to heaven than u?

Well, maybe Nizar’s pe’el is starting to change after being elected as Perak MB..who doesn’t when you’ve great power with ur hand..but maybe we should think what we might have done if we’re in his shoes? When all of your doing no matter good or bad is always misjudged or untold due to to our ‘controlled’ media? When you’re trying to lead a party with Islam as it’s foundation and to see even muslims are the ones who strongly rejecting it with a lot of excuses to make. Everyone has it’s limits.

Come to think of it, it’s funny when a lot of people talking about jgn hisap rokok, rokok menjejaskan kesihatan, tak nak rokok..nobody seems to care or notice that much.. But when Nik Aziz says orang yang hisap rokok tu macam lembu..all media & everybody starts jumping around even though he actually meant that people who doesn’t care about it’s own health & body that was given by the almighty is close to animals that do not use their seems a bit harsh, but still a very good bitch slap to the face..didn’t u think?

Sometimes, regardless the hanky panky issues, I’m still glad PAS is still around.

Sorry if any of my words hurt bashing intended. I’m also sorry for the harsh words from the PAS member..that is not a proper way any man regardless of politics/ religions should say to someone else.

Hope u can judge my words independently though, not by ur usual emo

aku click dan masuk that blog untuk baca apa yang ditulis di sana.. tapi berpinau mata aku.. komen diorang kat sana lagi panjang dari entry yang ditulis di situ.. ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜•

Yes, I am judging Ir Nizar. Like you, I’m not trying to bash him nor trying to ridiculed him, but as a teguran. No matter where we stand, human will always need guidance and reminder.

I’m glad PAS is around too. It makes UMNO at the edge of their seat.

Riak is a fine line. Between 2 people, if one of them terase, it is riak. EVENTHOUGH the one conveying the message has no intention of being riak. e.g. Aku lari lagi laju dari kau. Whilst it may be true and innocent, if you ‘terase’ then it is riak.

wuh. politics.

i admit what he said are true, but condemning u as one of UMNO is not a good idea. he should be natural in treating the commenters.

all the best for our country.

Hmm, not really sure what to add here, but i think your astute observation should be well received by any of his supporters.

At least he should ask you for more clarification instead of resorting to attack your directly. If everyone act like this, I think we gonna have a serious war in Malaysian blogosphere ๐Ÿ™‚

last but not least, let us clean our room ๐Ÿ˜€

zaman dahulu kala

“bersuara sedikit dikatakan komunis, membantah sikit dikatakan chin peng, mulut bising dituduh rashid maidin..”

bila kita kritik PKR, automatik kita ini ahli UMNO..bila kritik kerajaan, secara langsung kita jadi anti kerajaan…

Brader, not looking for trouble here, but the situation I see here is actually, you trying to comment them, and you got bashed because of your statement.

In a conflict like this, the best way is to let it go. Someone has to forswear and neutralize the situation, and start again with a more mature discussion, hoping that it will lead to a solution for both party.


A bit of opinion (don’t take this harshly, I also want to share my coins in this piggy bank) —

I personally think that the ideology of secular is not something that we should practice. It is an ideology that breaks Muslim into parts.

Why would we want to separate anything from religion when in the book that we read everyday already states the purpose of our creation?

I guess that this will be a very heavy coin, so start reading at


I’m very neutral in this.

Nizar might not be that good, and might not be that bad.
Zambry might not be good, and might not be bad.
Pak Lah, Najib, etc etc…might be bad, but they might not be as bad as what people think..

I’ve read NH, Rausyan and Nizar, and I believe all the +ve and -ve comments are normal. Semua orang ada otak yang sangat hebat kurniaan Allah, tapi tak semua yang betul2 menggunakannya dengan baik. So its normal to get praising feedbacks, or bashing feedbacks.

Until I went into dppwp.

Kenapa kita mengaku kita Islam, tetapi masih lagi mengumpat, mencerca, menuduh dan memakan daging saudara kita sendiri sedangkan segala tuduhan itu kita sendiri tak tahu sejauh mana kebenarannya? Ingatkah kita betapa hinanya dan peritnya seksaan bagi orang yang menyebarkan fitnah?

Adakah dengan mendaftarkan diri sebagai ahli PAS, kita boleh lakukan apa sahaja sesuka hati namun masih dijanjikan syurga? Quran manakah yang dirujuk nih?

Seriously, aku sangat malu dan marah when browsing in dppwp. Sebagai orang Islam, aku sedih. Sebagai orang Melayu, aku sangat malu dan marah.

ps: Kalau aku superman, memang matila fanatik2 nih…nasib baik aku bukan superman….

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