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NH’s 5 Favorite Site

I’ve told people many times, I am anti-social. Unfortunately this ‘tag’ from ImamKhalid ( I couldn’t resist. According to this ‘tag’, I’m suppose to write my top 5 favorite site, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Note to Imam : No bro, I’m not excited about GE. I just hate bull shitters.

1. Google Reader

This serves as my pool of information. I find it troublesome to visit my favorite sites to get an update. Plus, every site has their own layout. So to avoid ‘confusion’ in design and get the latest update, I use Google Reader. You should give a try. Say bye-bye to your Bookmark 😮

2. OneManga

I like books too but not as much as I like Manga. You see, when you read books, you have to ‘visualize’ what you’re reading. With Manga, you don’t have to put anything into picture, everything is drawn! Helps eases the strain on my medulla oblangata 👿

Also helps me with my insomnia 🙄

3. Gmail

I link all my emails into my Gmail. I have a total of 12 emails to follow, including Yahoo!, AOL, companies, organizations and others. I get roughly around 50-300 spam mails everyday. Gmail helps to reduce this by half. Thank you Sergey & Larry.

4. Wikipedia

Not exactly my favorite but they provide good links to relevant informations. Get the daily feed, you’ll learn something new everyday 😯

5. Dictionary

One of the hardest thing for me is spelling and finding the correct word. Although spell-checker is preinstalled on Firefox, I need a thesaurus more than a dictionary (I think) ➡

Although I’m supposed to list down 5, I suppose another one won’t do any harm.

6. Ego4U

No, this is not a site to feast your ego. It’s a site built on Ajax technology to teach you ENGLISH. I have serious problem with my grammar. If you do, go help yourself and quit being an eye-sore 🙂

Now comes the hardest and sinful part, tagging someone else. Here goes *drum roll*

1. TheAngelicSinner – babe, I rase you makin mature! ❗
2. TheMindfulTrinket – that lovey dovey feeling I guess? :XO:
3. CaptainNurNana – the up tight and efficient accountant! 😡
4. Merdurian – oh dear, cheer up ok ➡
5. AisyahRozi – I don’t care, I want to tag you 🙄

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I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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pepagi dah tag aku…
eddie…Quo camne??
Ko kat ne? Aku nk suh setting laptop baru ni..

Aku dulu pakai Google Reader, tapi skarang tak lagi. Apa2 yang aku berminat, aku subscribe to email jer. So tiap2 pagi aku hanya perlu buka email jer, untuk baca email dan feeds! 😛

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