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NH Did Not Register to Vote

SPR should be automated

I didn’t register to vote, yet I’m preaching people to 😛

A normal conversation took place between a matured and a maturing adult.

Uncle A : Did you register to vote?
NoktahHitam : Nope.
Uncle A : You know its your right to vote since you’re 24 now.
NoktahHitam : I’m aware of the consequences, spare me the details, please!
Uncle A : So why didn’t you?
NoktahHitam : 3 things. First, I had no idea when to register, where and who is incharge. Second, no party is representing me. Third, Zulhasnan is doing a good job in Setiawangsa.
Uncle A : You can ask me about the registration.
NoktahHitam : I guess that’s the price of ego. Besides, SPR never established a marketing campaign to register although being blessed with hundreds of million. Their website, only allows you to see whether you’ve registered or not, no other details. So wtf? 😡
Uncle A : Ok. I get you. What about your second statement? 😈
NoktahHitam : No one talks about the nature and global warming. It’s always about basic necessities, economics, in short, money related issues. We always think about ourselves and family, but what about God’s given marvel aka mother nature?
Uncle A : You got a point there. You ought to start your own party then 🙂
NoktahHitam : and have a green peace logo on my flag. People will vote for me. They will think I’ll be giving away marijuana for free ❗
Uncle A : Aaaahhhh… correct, correct, correct :kiss:

Fellow citizen, I’m sorry. I have not fulfilled my duty as a righteous citizen. Also sorry on behalf of my friends who did not register as well. Rest assured, my heart lies with the opposition party.

ps: 90% of my friends didn’t register to vote, so did you?

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

27 replies on “NH Did Not Register to Vote”


You should have registered when you reached 21.
But, maybe we’ve oversee it. Maybe busy. But I believe you’re not that type of person who ignore the political scenario in Malaya. It’s a simple error.

What you should do is to register yourself after this for the coming general election somewhere 5 years later…

I believe, regreting and admitting that you’re not registered will trigger your fellow readers to think as well. and hopefully they will register themself.

zaki’s last blog post..Manchester United Almost There… Watch Out Arsenal!!!

yeah, you got the point about the nature, global warming and going green. if there’s such party, I’ll definitely eager to turn 21 and vote for that party. Eddie, start that party. Get the starting funds from the government. (if that’s even possible) hehe. I’ll definitely vote for you. LOL.

You seemed interested with politics, i mean your blog is mostly about politics lately. it’s a surprise to find out that you haven’t registered.

Aisyah’s last blog post..So What?

thumbs up for you! :up: if you were to be elected, you got my vote for sure. to be honest, what is the point for this? meaningless. i hate politics, but myself was guarding the BN post. 😡 haha! ala. xkesyah la. duit punya pasal kn? hahx! :))
see? everything always about money and money. no wonder those global warming and nature was put aside. haisyh!

neway. nice site though! really enjoy reading your blog. 🙂

I also regret for not registered yet. Actually I have a lot of opportunity to register…SPR has done great job opening registration counter throughout the year here(University) but their counter always the least visited.And…
To Zaki (above) what’s with the pre-Merdeka word “Malaya”.I think “Malaysia” is a lot better..

elvinado’s last blog post..Support Them Too

zaki – point noted. Will do when I renew my passport later. 🙂

aisyah – will give some deep thoughts about that. anyway, election happens in every 4-5 years, a few days left to bitch about politics. After this, Im back to being the cynical NH 😮

Helmie – duit yg penting halal 😉

MK – Noted and regretted. Wish I could turn back time.. (who wouldnt kan?) ➡

I made myself clear, that there is no one representing me ➡

Also I don’t complain, I was proving a point. As a democratic citizen I have to vote, but as a muslim, we have to fight against corruption and various setbacks caused by the leader, regardless I vote or not. Its pretty clear being a muslim stands on everything 👿

About the tax thingy, I don’t really get your point, bole elaborate ❓

straight to the point –> i’m not satisfied with income tax. Penat2 kerja then kena contribute $$ to Pak Lah la.. ooppss..a sensitive issue.

Ni la jadinye bila salary & bonus kena income tax. So, they said don’t vote for XX if u’re not agree with that matter.

❗ whatever..

athirah’s last blog post..::keperluan & kehendak ::

i’ve registered and i will go back home (kelantan) to just vote… 😎
eddie, kat pejabat pos pun bleh register lah!

hmmm…nevermind, u now can start analysing and monitoring which party u re going to vote for the next GE…make sure u’ve got urself clear about all the politics issues, and most of all, u know what is relevant to fight for here in Malaysia.

aishah’s last blog post..Kaki dan lengan…

ermm.. i Think you should register… why ? because u will surely regret when you old because you not register…

im not talking here as pro or opposition.. ok let say u r an opposition.. you can put thousands of advertisement about pas, dap, keadilan at your top right page. But is there a mean if you didnt make a change. Promoting doesnt mean anything , but to vote ..its a yes..I felt your not matured enough because you didnt said “Vote For Change” heartly as on your blog. Dont you feel its ashamed and let your pride of the blog down?

So you want to create a party. What will you fill when you got millions of supporter promoting you with flag, campaign, blogs but they never register to vote you.

Be MATURED! you’re older than me. Its never a question which party you vote. But 1 Vote extra will make a Different in 5 more years! 🙂

aviro25’s last blog post..Earn $1.50 Per Report With No Sweat at No Cost

why u so mad… the reality is there.. i do not mad at u.. i just give an opinion in different view. i dun want to make any enemy …mad just bring nothing 🙂 come on.. kamu anggaplah ia sebuah nasihat atau pandangan.. Its my view though 😀 sory if u cant accept it.

aviro25’s last blog post..The Forex Navigator System

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