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New Years’ Resolution, Unresolved & Recycled.

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Praise to God AlMighty, I am able to survive to see another year, 2008.

My new years’ resolution is my last years’ resolution and my last years’ resolution is from the year before. Well here’s the resolution.

  • to be a better man
  • to follow my passion and not play safe
  • to learn new skills

Who said anything about being specific?

I celebrated new years’ eve at my friends place followed by house warming on new year itself.

Barbeque at Mache + Dr. KJL + Shoul’s

The menu was simple, beefs, chickens and frankfurters. It was a lot. More than we could eat. Somehow we managed to stuffed it somewhere in our belly. Card game started at 2am, hell lotta jokes thrown at each other. Attendees: Mache, Shoul, Dr KJL, DonkBankOnIt, Yam, Fred (King Chong), Al, Rodek, Che Zul, Mulder, Apeque, Izrin, Nismo, Acai and FadhBest.

DontBankOnIt House Warming

I came rather late but thank God the crowd was still around. Anyway to make up for it, I stayed back to help clean up (yeah right, MindfulTrinkets did all the chores). But I do regret that I couldn’t play with Azalea longer. Unfamiliar faces like Irpe, Lade & Dina and Asahara & Awanis turned up. I’m sure they feel estranged by my presence probably because there’s a lot of catching up to do (or was it me who wants to be aliented). The food was simple, cakes, softdrinks, sandwiches and snacks. DontBankOnIt house deco is awesome (with most of it being black and white).

I will be a quarter of a century (in a few months time), what was my contribution again? Oh, I forgot.. non.

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