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New Layout for NH

I saw Abdus‘s latest work and was utterly impressed! The next thing I knew, I was holding a pen and a paper.

I’ve been meaning to make my own wordpress theme for a while. I had the grid paper concept with a bit of crumpled edges, my own handwriting and make it personal. But I figured, it wouldn’t be what I had in mind for NH. Plus, paper layout are so 2007. This year, it’s about lighting effects.

The goal of the design, cute but lethal.


Choosing color is easy, black with a hint of red and silver, my all-time favorite combo. I also need a lighting background. At first I was thinking of a kid sulking at the corner of the room, but that’ll totally throw the idea of ‘lethal’. So I recycled this theme’s background and an image from Threadless.

The layout would be the same. Content first, sidebars later. There won’t be any major difference in typography, except it’s placement. Still unsure the use of Ajax slide show. Yes, it is cool, but it’s not necessary? I’m not showcasing my designs. Slide bars? Hmm.. we’ll figure that out later.


New features (and experiment):

  • Pull image tag, similar to LinkWithin (PHP)
  • Extract favicon when linking (CSS)
  • Watermarking (CSS)
  • Ajax commenting (PHP)
  • Cascading sidebar (PHP)

Having to write about all those features leaves me itchy. To view the bigger picture, you can click here.

Quick question of usability

  1. Do you click on top commentator (on the right) or you don’t give a damn?
  2. Do you click on “Recently Read” ?
  3. Do you click on “Recommended Readings”?
  4. Do you give a damn about Feedjit?
  5. How about commentators on the right?

ps: I’ve been writing boring stuff lately. Eddie, grab your gun and shoot someone, PLEASE!

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30 replies on “New Layout for NH”

1. I looked at it once. But no click.
2. No.
3. No.
4. What’s a Feedjit?
5. Yes this one helps to quickly check if there are any updates to the comments.

1. Do you click on top commentator (on the right) or you don’t give a damn?
– Sometimes, if I like their comments

2. Do you click on “Recently Read” ?
– Yes!

3. Do you click on “Recommended Readings”?
– Yes!

4. Do you give a damn about Feedjit?
– Sometimes. Yes!

5. How about commentators on the right?
– Not really.

NH, do a 3 column theme lah, so I can change mine. Hehe.. mine damn dinosaur age, never change.

wah dah jadi macam poll lak. baik ko bikin poll je eddie!?

1. aku menghargai siapa yang sentiasa bertandang, rajin komen, dapat link back!

2, 3 & 5 bg aku memeriahkan suasana juga dari dok letak gambar tak apa-apa kan!?

4. tak penting!

aku lebih tertarik kepada tema yang punyai 2 kolum!

1. Sometimes
2. Never (I think they r useless)
3. Same with no.2
4. Stupid thing ..
5. Not really care but as an appreciation to them > tat is good !!

why bro like black template than white ? .. I still remember the result of poll @ show that 90% of ppl like bright than dark layout..

Even better. I’d like to be in that 10% group. It makes designing fun.

1. Black uses lesser energy compared to white.
2. Black because Noktah HITAM
3. Black signifies ones wicked thought
4. Black is always mistake for evil color when its actually not.
5. Black is my favorite color.

1,2,3,4,5 semua sebagai penghias.. tak berapa nak kesah sangat pasal mende tuh (open thinker). Lagipon ade yang kate semak.. tapi aku rase just a little bit nice for deco… some funky text.. and others.

owh owh owh.. most importhant.. tulisan jangan kecik sangat.. jadi ngantok bace.. lagi-lagi jenis orang tak reti nak pandai bace omputeh macam aku nih.. hahaha~

P/S: Top comentor kat blog aku.. aku selalu klik.. muehhehehe.. appreciate walaupon jarang sangat aku berkomen.. atleast capaian mudah untuk aku ke blog mereka dengan pantas.

P/S2: “Take your gun n shot” – clumzy… muahahaha~

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