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Negaraku! – The Malaysian News Aggregator

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Finally, my work here is complete. You can checkout Negaraku! here.

Not only you can read newspaper online, but also political blogs, Members of Parliaments, Aduns and other blogs. All under one roof. I’ve also added lightview to ease the elders πŸ‘Ώ

Negaraku! Front Page with Malaysian NewsNegaraku! List of Barisan Nasional BlogsNegaraku! Pakatan Rakyat BloggersNegaraku! Malaysian BlogosphereNegaraku! List of Malaysian Political Bloggers

I know politic isn’t something we crave for these days, but I enjoy reading them while sipping my evening tea. It’s much better than entertainment pullouts.

I have yet to

  1. Make form for automated blog add.
  2. Make contact form.
  3. Refine the codes to make it load faster (than ever)
  4. Advertisement scheme? (should there be?)
  5. Add site meter or statistics.

Contact me if you think your blog deserves the attention on the Malaysian Blogosphere page, write about it on your blog! (don’t be so tight)

ps: Now, back to my normal routine, work!

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

47 replies on “Negaraku! – The Malaysian News Aggregator”

CSS sgt pening! tp bile dah tau selok belok, kacang je.

kene rajin refresh la. Edit skit, refresh. Edit skit, refresh.. berbuih computer aku. Hahaha

Thanks for the link back

All your own work? Impressive!!! Congratulations. For my two cents’ worth, it may be better to have a normal list on the “latest blogs” page; of course, it’s not so attractive or artistic but it may be easier to read…as compared to having to put the cursor in the name to see whose blog that is. Just an opinion…and thanks for dropping by mine!

suituapui’s last blog post..Hot stuff…

Congratulations for getting up and running! I must say that you’ve done every Malaysian blogger justice for creating this awesome aggregator – I’ve never seen someone investing considerable effort in creating something so massive (and not to mention, extremely useful!) :XO: loving it to bits.

And gosh thanks for adding my blog into the feed! It’s my honour to be part of it. I will be writing a review for soon… I’m a little busy at the moment, sorry about the delay! I will definitely pay you homage for the effort you’ve invested in the whole project πŸ™‚

p/s: I just realised that hovering your mouse over the Negaraku icon at the top of the page will cause a grey background to appear underneath the header image in Firefox. I’ve took a peek into the CSS (I hope you don’t mind), and realised the problem lies at the universal a:hover attritube. The workaround will be pretty easy – just use specific CSS to solve the problem:

#header #logoContainerInner img a:hover {
background: none;

But be sure to place the code after the universal a:hover attribute to override it’s effect. Alternatively, you can use:

#header #logoContainerInner img a:hover {
background: none !important;

Just my 2 cents, I hope you don’t mind!

p/p/s: Lightview is an interesting javascript effect to use! I’m surprise that unlike Lightbox, it can display inline forms and webpages as well! Aweomse :up:

teddY’s last blog post..I’ve got a creativity boost – guess what?

Thanks in advance. You’re telling me you’re busy snooping around taking pictures with your new A200? (LoL!)

The gray background is intentional. It’s supposed to be underlined. If you download the logo, it’s actually a PNG24 utilizing its high transparency. Hence it looked a bit cacat-ed.

Nevertheless, I might be tweaking the layout a lil bit more. Thanks for that the tip.

You can also use Lightbox for the same reason. I just like Lightview’s CSS. Funkier and better looking. The hardest part is to put scriptaculous and protaculous on diet. (I think I spelled that right). The original size combined is 200kb. When actually I’m using only 30% of its library.

Oh okay I feel a little stupid up there, lol! My bad. Anyway the background will fill the whole image when it’s in IE7, but for that I will blame the sloppy CSS interpretation of that Microsoft’s browser, teehee. Yea I realised that the logo is in .png format because when you scroll down along the page, the background transforms smoothly around the image πŸ™‚ transparency is one of the best things around, and it’s a shame that older versions of IE doesn’t care. Ah, speaking of cross-browser compatibility, is that a big pain in the butt for you?

So far Lightbox only allows me to display images – for inline forms and webpages to be displayed, I’ll either have to use Greybox (which comes with WP2.5 for the image uploader thing) or Lightview, which you’ve installed. In comparison, Lightview is so much better.

Javascript libraries are really heavy! Prototype and scriptaculous are notoriously known for their heavy build and the only way to make them lighter is either to remove unnecessary spaces and comments in the script, or to omited unused functions in the scripts themselves.

Have you heard of mootools or moo.fx? They’re extremely lightweight for a javascript library πŸ™‚

teddY’s last blog post..I’ve got a creativity boost – guess what?

Sorry, it was Lightbox2 that could handle forms and iframes.

Mootools is good, but not to my liking. Go google a combinational project for Prototype & scriptaculous. There’s a light weight one, around 60kb. Which is ok-ok.

It does bother me, the background thingy. It doesn’t look good for logo images (esp with transparencies). Will do a short code for that later. ➑ ➑

the funny thing about the site is, bile ramai orang die jadi laju. bile kurang die jadi slow.

This is because, it updates every 1 hour. So if you’re unlucky enough to be the first in that particular hour, then you’d probably be the slowest. Too bad.

I will try to improve the code from time to time πŸ˜€

suituapui, the format is [title of the post] by [the blog name], [date & time].

I’m still testing here and there. I really value your feedback. Thank you.

Oh that’s interesting! Never knew there’s a compressed hybrid version of scriptaculous and prototype, heh. Anyway, WordPress comes packaged with prototype and I think it’s possible to load the script without uploading a fresh new one (unless there’s an update of the script or something), but I’m yet to know whether the one that is shipped with WordPress is the compressed version or not. My lightbox plugin leverages on this and so it loads the prototype.js that’s bundled with WP, thus making things easier. However, as far as I know, doesn’t run on WordPress right?

The background image has no fixed position on the page and thus will move along with the browser window when you scroll. I guess either the transparent background of icons will solve the problem, or you can simply fix the background image to the top πŸ™‚

teddY’s last blog post..I’ve got a creativity boost – guess what?

Salam bro,

Newbie here, tahniah for kejayaan ini, satu laman yang kompak, simple dan penuh informasi.
Anyway nak mintak izin buat pautan kat

Dan kalo ado banner kecik bleh bagila.


deliriumz’s last blog post..Tombo Ati (Qalbu)

Assalamualaikum bro.
Mantap2! At last, senang nak baca berita terbaru dari negara tercinta, macam2 sumber ada. Tak payah bukak banyak2 website. πŸ˜€
Thanks a lot. InsyaAllah, sy tolong sebar2kan kat kawan2.


Good Job! Dah tak payah open banyak2 website untuk read semua news. Layout pun simple and kemas. Bila nak adakan automatic web/blog add function. Thanks.

nak tanye sket, camne nak edit url utk story yg kiter dah submit ek??
aku nk repair url aku, ade satu en3 tu, sebab aku pakai entri yg general, so diernye fave it akan bertambah same je utk semua post aku…
bleh tlg ke??

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