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Negaraku! – Hungry for Traffic?

Negaraku Net

Few months ago, I launched as a news aggregator. However, time has changed. It was buggy, slow and nothing good as a Web2.0 Application.

The Old aggregator still stands, but under different subdomain,

Today, I’ve relaunched as a clone of Digg or Layann but definitely much better than Innit.

I’m pretty sure that you bloggers out there are dying to get your stories out to the world. Eatery, daily living, politic news, business updates, tech stuff, anything you blogged about, just throw it in.

There’s a few more miles I need to stride before I can rightfully pat my back. Other features such as

  • Invite friends from email phonebook (Yahoo!, Gmail, MSN etc.)
  • External voting system (a widget like on your blog)
  • RSS of specific category
  • Auto RSS import
  • and many more I haven’t thought off.

I will spare you from explaining all the current features, just go there and mull your face. I’ve designed it to be very straight forward (usability) and simple (user interface).

Competitors to note:

It’s still in Beta Mode. So you are free to do as pleased. Just don’t throw your kitchen sink.

ps: To that special someone, I told you I’m busy right? Sorry for not entertaining you yesterday.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

67 replies on “Negaraku! – Hungry for Traffic?”

kool…noktahhitam rupanya developer utk…aku respek sama kamoo…skrg mudah je nk baca berita…kompak…ringkas ..merangkumi semua paper… πŸ˜€

aku nak kata, “aku lah orang tu!!” boleh ke?

aku kan tahap mak tiri pada NH.. mesti lah aku lebih special dari ‘someone special’ ittew..

eh, aku salah komen pulak. NH, sila rujuk komen kau yang kat atas..
(bila aku baca, aku konpius pulak yg mana harus aku jawab..)

i just came through the new…
for me it looks so messy..
so i will stick with the old one..
slower than the new one..
but once it opened, the ‘mood of curiousity’ exists!

ayat mcm poyo je..tapi btol la..yg baru nampak serabut sket…hoho 😎

:up: for ur works!
So impressive!
Both have a different features and I like it.
Its really useful for me who didnt have much time now to online.
I think is getting ‘wild’. πŸ™‚

thanks man. 1st day launch, 1000 page views. If only I could convert that into real money πŸ˜› πŸ™„

but then again, life isn’t just about money, it’s passion driven πŸ˜₯

Hairan lak.. nape cik simpankira begitu ambil berat pasal komen di atas sehingga tersalah beri komen balas? adakah cik simpankira mengenali salah seorg pengkomen di atas?

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