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Negaraku! – Hungry for Traffic?

Negaraku Net

Few months ago, I launched as a news aggregator. However, time has changed. It was buggy, slow and nothing good as a Web2.0 Application.

The Old aggregator still stands, but under different subdomain,

Today, I’ve relaunched as a clone of Digg or Layann but definitely much better than Innit.

I’m pretty sure that you bloggers out there are dying to get your stories out to the world. Eatery, daily living, politic news, business updates, tech stuff, anything you blogged about, just throw it in.

There’s a few more miles I need to stride before I can rightfully pat my back. Other features such as

  • Invite friends from email phonebook (Yahoo!, Gmail, MSN etc.)
  • External voting system (a widget like on your blog)
  • RSS of specific category
  • Auto RSS import
  • and many more I haven’t thought off.

I will spare you from explaining all the current features, just go there and mull your face. I’ve designed it to be very straight forward (usability) and simple (user interface).

Competitors to note:

It’s still in Beta Mode. So you are free to do as pleased. Just don’t throw your kitchen sink.

ps: To that special someone, I told you I’m busy right? Sorry for not entertaining you yesterday.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

67 replies on “Negaraku! – Hungry for Traffic?”

Assalamualaikum bro.

I notice that there’s a link to the old Negaraku at the new site. But there isn’t any link to the new Negaraku at the old aggregator. Maybe you should put one there.

Or is it already there?

Oh. LOL. Yeah, totally forgot about that since i always come directly to the old one.

And i agree with ‘Pembaca Negaraku’, the old one rocks more than the new one. So does my other friends.

aku buat pakai pligg. xde susah sgt. memule ko donlod pastu bukak segale abah coding die. kalau ko tak paham install je dah cukup. the rest pandai2 la sambung buat. adjust template ke… mcm tak biase plak 😀

actually am rasa.. negaraku banyak bawa perubahan pada kita semua blogger dimalaysia.. kalau selalu kita tengok ada digg or technorati.. semuanya dalam english agak bosan nak membacanya.. tu dah membawa imej malaysia sebagai bookmark site yang berjaya dan paling best banyak pengikutnya… tak lama lagi keluarlah report or ebook yang mempromosi negaraku.. pemilihan nama cukup2 menepati kehendak dan muncul pada waktu yang tepat.. syabas bete.. syabas!!

huh relaunch??
noktah hitam..need ur help~~
i cant submit my story to negaraku guess since after u u r the owner of the url?
my problem is when i put the source of the news which is from my blog, the next step….the name of my url is not seen..
and thus after i completed other details, it stated that I cannot submit because one of my details is not complete that is the name of my url..
and I cant do anything, there is no option for me to write my url name..
and I wonder why, this does not happen previously

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