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Negaraku: Android Application Alpha Stage

I wanted to try something new this weekend, so I went on a quest to explore how to build an android app. I’ve never done any java coding prior to this project, I knew what I was getting into, it’s going to be dead challenging and Googling mess.

The easy pick was to build an app based on my previous development of Negaraku Mobile view. It’s like putting a picture into a frame. In theory, it sure sounded easy but after hours and hours of testing, dead ends after dead ends, I finally managed to build something solid. Although I’m not proud of copying work of others, but hey, even journalist quote word for word, so did I.

Negaraku: Android Application Alpha Stage 1 Negaraku: Android Application Alpha Stage 2 Negaraku: Android Application Alpha Stage 3 Negaraku: Android Application Alpha Stage 4

The first version 1.3

  • Able to zoom in and out
  • Shows progress bar, so that you know the progress
  • Menu > Home page, easier way of getting to home.
  • Menu > Refresh, in case something goes wrong while downloading
  • Back button goes to page before
  • Only portrait view, easier for those who likes to lay down and read something

More features to be included

  • Ability to share links from other apps to Negarakumy
  • Login/logoff feature
  • About us

Here’s the link to download. Enjoy. Please share how it looks like on your mobile and if there’s any performance issue.

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