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Nak Mintak Potong

Nak Mintak Potong 1

I was lining up waiting for my turn to withdraw some Moolah at the ATM. A guy came rushing in, grinning and sweaty. He looks like he’s in a hurry. As if he had a wind-up timed bomb wrapped under his shirt.

Hehehe. Abang, bole potong line tak? Saya parking haram, ade Pol..

Before he could finish his line, I interrupted.

Ade Polis ke tak de, beratur la.”

My line completely wiped the grin off his face. He then queued to the ATM next to me. And from his body language, I could tell, he was ashamed asking for sympathy for something he could avoid by parking his car a little further. If it was an emergency, I wouldn’t mind but it’s not. So line up and learn the rule. Idiot.

ps: It’s just too bad AR had to witness the whole scene. But it’s a matter of principal, kalau orang lain bole patuh undang-undang, kenape awak tak boleh?

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22 replies on “Nak Mintak Potong”

I cannot imagine the tone of your voice when you said that. I tried to emulate the line, but nothing is working politely. So I guess it was kinda harsh. Err.. try to be less aggressive with words next time? Hehe.

And yeah, too bad AR had to witness the whole thing. But at least she knows she’d be safe in your arms. Wahh.

wuih.. kalau kene aku pon, aku hangin satu badan beb. kita macam nak mampos menunggu.. senang-senang je kan. tapi kalau pakcik tuh dah muke macam nak terkincit.. aku redok jer la. aku ni kadang kadang cakap magas… tapi mudah tak sampai hati hahah~

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