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MyZoo Facebook Appplication Cheat Sheet

Like most Internet addict, I’m addicted to Facebook MyZoo.


MyZoo is much like SimCity. You buy animals, get visitors, breed rare animals, build utilities & cage and earn money. If you like managing business, this game is for you!

From the App Page:

Starting as a simple petting zoo, you will help your animal sanctuary blossom and become a premier world-class attraction.

In the process, you’ll establish programs for:

  • breeding endangered species
  • reintroducing them into the wild

Here’s a few tips from Paul Dickinson.


  • To get some of the early visitor challenges, drop entry price to 1, you can raise it again after you meet the goal.
  • To get your ticket price challenge, you can raise it, meet the goal and then drop it down again.
  • You get 4x the acclaim for babies than you do for adults
  • Try to buy new exibits as you can, usually will get more visitors/acclaim than loading up on the same animal.
  • Animals have diminishing returns, you won’t get as much acclaim for animals 5-10 as you do 0-5. 10-20 will be even less, and 20+ will be minimal or no acclaim.
  • Buy the breeding program/animal center/vet asap, many upcoming challenges require bred animals, best to start sooner than later
  • all food/retail buildings do NOT increase acclaim, they just make your people happy, and bring in money


  • Raising advertising is one of easiest ways to raise acclaim
  • Up advertising till you are just making money (less than 10k), you will get visitors (not immediately) and money will go back up
  • Keep raising advertising till you hit the cap of 1,000,000 for max acclaim
  • get advanced breeding asap, it allows you to breed 6 animals at a time
  • If you plan on breeding rhinos start early, 1500-2000 days for baby is NOT uncommon
  • Be sure and buy all of animals (with upgrades) if you are breeding them, you can buy 20 flamingo, and 10 of some other animals (get em with a little cash rather than just breeding), not all breeders are the type you can only buy 3


  • Babies also have diminishing returns, for more acclaim you are better off with a diverse amount of animals (you get little or no acclaim for 20+ of one bred)
  • Taz devils, lions, cheetah and tamarin are the quickest babies/day species if you just want offspring to get past challenges
  • Radiated turtles, komodo dragon can lay 4-7+ eggs at once but are a little slow, but can get your bred numbers up

The hardest part in this game is breeding animals. Not to worry, Morgan Chesser compiled an excellent reference on Google Docs, View Here.

Kudos to Paul Dickinson and Morgan Chesser. Hope it helps.

So what game do you play?

ps: Yes, this is a SEO post and also to help boost ‘zoo comel’.

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25 replies on “MyZoo Facebook Appplication Cheat Sheet”

I am allergic to zoo.. banyak hama… hachummm!!!!

I played restaurant city and barn buddy now. Before all the mafia wars, I played elven blood (and semua blood games series).

P/s: boleh add kat FB x? hehe

Moony, you play that game? I stopped playing because it was inconsistent. One minute I won, the next I lost. 300 gangsters vs 21 gangsters, 300 being me. It made no sense at all. (weapons more or less the same).

really??but most of the time u would win right?maybe they purposely did that to show that sometimes u could win even if your mafia family is smaller…
how come u hv 300 members?u bought reward points ke ape??I hv 150 n I think that’s a lot already…

90% of my friends play this game. I also recruited strangers to be in my mafia. I don’t feel comfortable having strangers as friends, so I removed the app.

its been a while i’ve been here.. real busy.. tgk sudah addicted to the games in facebook :O lol… nasib baik addicted to farm town only

yeah been out of blogging for a while hehe.. been really really busy.. been alright.. things are going quite fine :D.. how are you?

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