My Younger Brother’s Wedding

I was practically busy the entire month, all the way from Ramadhan. It’s very rare to see me away from the computer, except movies to put me to sleep.

Well, the wait is almost over, at least half of the burden is already uplifted.

My brother married his high school sweet heart (ain’t that sweet). They’ve been together since form 4, that makes it 8 years before they made it official. Ain (my new sis in law) is from Malacca. You know how weddings are like, full of traditions, ‘Upacara membatalkan air sembahyang’, ‘pantun’ etc. Thank God Ain’s family was rather modernized (no funny rituals up their sleeves).

I took the opportunity to become their second photographer.


Boy trying out his outfit for tomorrow’s wedding. I had to learn how to tie the sampin. Well, I did help him wear it.

Aku Terima Nikahnya

The typical line would be something like, ‘Aku terima nikahnya, <name> dengan mas kahwin sebanyak <amount>, tunai’. Well, boy said the first 3 words and that was it.

Ring ring

I like this picture most.


Boy’s facial expression was rather serious all the time. I guess that’s his way of being king of the day. I like this one in particular. Not sure he bit his tongue or he’s sleepy, I reckon it’s the latter.

But before I lead you to my Flickr, there was one ritual that caught me.

Upacara Lap Kaki

I naively said out loud while I was snapping the photo,”memang ade upacara orang Melaka ‘cuci kaki’ sebelum masuk rumah? Cool gileeee!”

“Bukanlah! Tadi pengantin pijak lecah, takkan nak masuk rumah dengan lumpur?”

… shit MALUNYE!

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ps: Official invitation on Thursday. I need to sort the goodie bags, tents, fogging from MPAJ, more gardening.. arrghhh.. serabut! But I like 😉

ps: Ain is also my blog reader.

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19 replies on “My Younger Brother’s Wedding”

hehehehehe 😀 cuci kaki part cracked me up.

congratulations to ur adik NH! i bet you get a lot of ‘you bila lagi? *smirk*’ from the makciks n pakciks?

serius gila adik ko atas pelamin eh? apa agaknya sedang difikirkan atau tido mata terbuka he3.

klu kat johor akad nikahnya berbunyi, “aku terima nikah, dengan maskahwin(nya) RM22.50 tunai”. NYA yang dimaksudkan di arah kepada duit yang diberi.

apa ko nak cari yang ada adat ‘cuci kaki’ ke eddie keh3 😉

kitorang ade gak baling2 tuh… duit syling and gula2…. this is for kids… sakit kepala duh kena… mase aku kecik2 dulu ade ler… tapi skang nih… dah cam tak der dah…

mak saye cerita, dulu masa dia kawin orang tua2 masa tu suruh dia langkah masuk dalam talam dulu sebelum langkah masuk rumah. xtau ler adat macamana tu.. tapi, sekarang ni xde buat dah… 🙂

haha etok dh kawen.
runtuhlah zaman/era kontrol-dan-tarik-perut-ke-dalam-bila-lalu-depan-pompuan
haha..lwk ja

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