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My Water Moments

Sheessh, I never thought I’d be writing this.

It was the weekend everyone waited for, going picnic at Sg. Gabai. Forget about the world, forget about work. It’s just you versus the great outdoor.

Sg. Gabai is one tough destination. You have to hike about 20 meters high before you can enjoy the waterfall. It’s plus point to swim on top, you wouldn’t want to accidentally drink anyone’s pee.

My Water Moments 1

It’s a norm for me to get under the waterfall. Being hit on the back by chunks of water makes me feel, somehow aroused. As we gathered under the waterfall, K tippy-toed and leaps on stones to snap our photo.

We did warn him, “Jatuh karang, abes camera kau.” He ignored and snapped anyway.

As he head back to the land, he slipped and fall! “Camera, camera, camera!” we shouted at K, we worried about his camera. While on his back, he looked at us with a camera in his hand and said, “SAFE!”. As he tried to get up, he accidentally dipped half of the camera in water. POOF, there goes his RM 1.8k investment.

My Water Moments 2

It would’ve been better if he used the Sony TX5. It’s water proof, shock resistant and slim. Another great feature is the sweep panorama, which made me wonder, how did they program such a way? Anti-shock, CMOS, video, Carl Zeiss lens, burst mode, all comes in standard.

ps: I am writing this post hoping to be the lucky three to win the TX5 to reimburse K‘s investment. I don’t really like taking photos, I rather BE IN IT 😉

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I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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finally update..
just found out ur blog like 3days ago n now,its a must thing to read before i go to bed=)

take care!!

salam. been a silent reader of u these past few months. GUESS WAT? my abang salad used to be ur senior at koleq!! he is known as SALAD. nice knowing u. SALAM.

reading your blog make me laugh in the middle of night. sometimes, it’s soo funny even in a serious mode! oooo Sg. Gabai, mmg tough, nak dapat port baik, memang la kena mendaki, tercungap2 sampai atas…lama sungguh tak pegi situ…

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