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My Verdict, Like I Should Care

Ok. 85 comments and growing ? You tell me, how could I ever respond to that? Anyway, many, many thanks for the security blankets.

“I’m not looking for friendship nor love. Just something that last” -N.

Like I promised, my verdict is due today.

YES. I will continue to blog.

But this time around, I don’t want to hear any whiny and soggy voices tickling my funny bone (much would I ever care). If you don’t like my writings, feel free to scooch to other blogs. I’m sure they have many ways to accommodate your needs.

I have precious time to keep, bills to pay, and a life to live. I will no longer have the luxury of writing daily. So subscribe to my RSS or via Email for quickest update. Pardon my short coming.

Quickie Note: ten·der1 /ˈtɛndər/ adjective, -er, -est, verb
1. soft or delicate in substance; not hard or tough: a tender steak.
2. weak or delicate in constitution; not strong or hardy.
3. (of plants) unable to withstand freezing temperatures.
4. young or immature: children of tender age.
5. delicate or soft in quality: tender blue.
6. delicate, soft, or gentle: the tender touch of her hand.
7. easily moved to sympathy or compassion; kind: a tender heart.
8. affectionate or loving; sentimental or amatory: a tender glance.
9. considerate or careful; chary or reluctant (usually fol. by of).
10. acutely or painfully sensitive: a tender bruise.
11. easily distressed; readily made uneasy: a tender conscience.
12. yielding readily to force or pressure; easily broken; fragile.
13. of a delicate or ticklish nature; requiring careful or tactful handling: NH is a tender subject.

TENDER is not just a stupid wrapped documents for you to submit to the government (or a business activity). KFC is also tender.

ps : Glad to be back! ➡

pss : Manje, mengade, test of faith? Oh come on! Everyone breaks down once in a while 😡

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I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

38 replies on “My Verdict, Like I Should Care”

Hello. I just discovered you for the first time today when i googled emoticons cause i was looking for some new fantastic ones. And what did I find? Some awesome fantastic ones XD

However, when I stopped to see the creater of said emoticons, i see you were thinking of quitting?!?! Well, i rather enjoy your fresh and “brook no nonsense” kind of tone. So i’m glad you’ve decided to stick around. Ever so pleased to meet you good sir.

Cheers! 🙂

Christine’s last blog post..1 Martini, 2 martini, 3 martini 4???

Welcome back, NH 🙂 I’m relieved to know your final verdict, thank you so much for staying back. Anyway everyone will understand that every blogger has his/her own real life commitments, so don’t worry about the frequency of your updates. I’m glad that you’re letting real life commitments taking precedence over your blogging life, and not the other way round :up:

teddY’s last blog post..I Can Finally Drive!

Look at you boy. 18 but sound like a 30 year old. LoL

Teddy chill, you reminded me of myself when I was 18. Uptight~ Loosen up the language and your stiff shoulder. ❓

Gosh do I really sound that old? 😀 haha. Yea I’m more of a uptight person… or to be more accurate, introvert perhaps. It’s my past that shaped me that way. Anyway I’m really glad to see you back!

teddY’s last blog post..I Can Finally Drive!

cayalah bro! ada attitude, i like. :up:

“If you don’t like my writings, feel free to scooch to other blogs”

yes, please come to my blog. 😛 😛 hahahahaha! sempat…..

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