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My SouthPark Character Web2.0

South Park Web 2.0

In this tutorial, I will teach how to make a Web2.0-like SouthPark character of yourself. I am assuming the following:

  • You have Internet access
  • Running on Windows XP or higher
  • Installed Adobe Photoshop CS2
  • Have a fair understanding of Layers, Gradient and Marque tool

Summary of Steps

  1. Get your own SouthPark character
  2. Open using Adobe Photoshop
  3. Use “Text” tool and write something (optional)
  4. Duplicate layer and flip (-100% height, mirror)
  5. Use “Gradient” tool to color
  6. Save your file for Web use.

Click on the image and read the description.

That isn’t hard, was it? Let me know if I’m too brief.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

8 replies on “My SouthPark Character Web2.0”

Salam and hi to you 🙂
Nice nice nice and cute character. The same goes to your site. It looks simple, neat and nice and you have a lot of interesting posts too. Im goin to be your reader soon. May I?

A telecomunication engineer eh? Cool. That was my old ambition but I switched to Mechatronics. I just dont know why! Ehehe. Just tryna challege myself I guess. lol!

Later Edwin! God bless.. 🙂

thank you 😉

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or create opacity mask in illustrator!

lu punya anti spam word ni cam cibai la. sekarang dah komen ke3, so yang aku dapat collect, kereta comel hugs = gampang!

lepas ni apa lak? KOTE? HISAP? TELOR?

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