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My Former Religion Teacher In PAS!


My Ustaz (religion teacher) is competing in the GE.

He was a nice teacher. With more than half of the class asleep, he stood there and kept teaching, hoping that it’ll be etched onto our subconscious mind. His famous line was, “Berdoa la kita” (Let us all pray). Thanks to Bapak for highlighting this ❗

For more info about Perak Candidate, please refer to HarakahDaily.

I wish and pray Ust. Mohamad Yazid the very best of luck. May God bless his never-ending effort to teach the world a lesson or two 😳

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12 replies on “My Former Religion Teacher In PAS!”

forgot already since ustat latip (latek) lagi glamour haha . yes, he brought a book about PAS in the class masa f4 . haha.. latek = musuh teacher liza. why ?, berani mati sound x pakai tudung . kalau ade pic ustat yazid tepek sket.. blhe hingat2 muka dia

:mrgreen: ptt le x de image lgsg . ustat yg ajar sc3 masa form 5 pon aku dah x ingat. balik2 muka latek gak kuar. haha.. too famous utk hilang dr ingatan 😆 .

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