MuxTape is Dead, OpenTape is On

Not too long ago, there was a site which allows user to upload and share songs, it’s called MuxTape. However, RIAA don’t seem to favor it.


Worry not, there’s a OpenTape. (thanks to TechCrunch)

It took me less than a minute to get it working, unpack, upload and configure. (I’m not bragging, it’s dead simple, a hissing cat can do it too). OpenTape is easy, upload using FTP and it will auto-generate the playlist. You can listen to my songs at or check below

Would this be good idea to port it to WordPress?

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18 replies on “MuxTape is Dead, OpenTape is On”

I’m impressed. The songs took almost immediately to load and not even pause in between. I’m downloading at almost full speed 1M but the song are been played smoothly.

Aku tak penah dengar lagi pasal muxtape or opentape actually. Nampak menarik, smooth habis. Tapi nak tanya sket (maaf tak tau) apa bezanya dengan music box yang sesetengah orang letak kat blog tu?

Lupa nak bagi tau, aku play using IE. Tak tau naper senyap jer kat Firefox aku. Ada kena install apa2 plugin tak? Javascript Blocker ngan Adblock dah disabled… ๐Ÿ™

Kalo volume tak pasang memang tak bunyi laa kat IE…

Aku rasa ada blocking laa mana2, tak jumpa tapi. Puas aku refresh, try klik skali, 2 kali. Tapi kat IE Tab ok jer…

Takpe lah abaikan. What ever pun, aku suka! ๐Ÿ™‚

ini bagus untuk rentungkan bandwith anda. tepakse la anda banned kan ip yg dload2 lagu. huhu. nk buat camno bro. dah kowtim idm ngan browser utk dload mp3 trus. huhu.

p/s: jgn salahkan ku, tp salahkan… salahkan sape eh? ๐Ÿ˜ก

classical music has its story. it’s like ‘hentam saje, janji lagu’ kind of music, when it’s an epilogue of e.g. some poor guy scrapping through life. No lyrics. Makes it interesting.

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