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Multitasking is Bad For You

Over the past few years, I’ve told many of my friends not to multi-task. I just don’t think it’s nice to split your focus. It’s especially insulting when they go, “A-huh” to everything you say on the phone while they were busy doing something else.

Most are proud of their glorified God given talent, but that won’t stand for long.

Compared with those who rarely used more than one type of media at a time, heavy multitaskers had slower response times, most often because they were more easily distracted by irrelevant information, and because they retained that useless information in their short-term memory. CNN

Multi-tasker tends to retain short-term memory and affects their ability to focus … they aren’t sure if it’s reversible.

I hate to break to you, but I told you so.

ps: Still angry at someone. If you want to learn something, open your heart and listen. Kalau bodoh sombong, sampai bile takkan masuk ilmu.

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18 replies on “Multitasking is Bad For You”

seeloknya tumpukan pada satu-satu kerja pada satu masa.

tetapi ada gak kes terpaksa uruskan 2-3 kerja serentak.

nk buat cmna udah kerja. klau sendiri bos ok la 😉

fokus! perkara paling susah untuk aku kekalkan. namun aku tak nafikan jika mahu sesuatu kerja menjadi terbaik!

sekarang ni byk dapat lihat seseorang tidak dapat fokus apabila melibatkan perangai dan cara didikan.

ps – aku klu terlalu fokus aku jem! hu3

I know I am a person who can’t multi-task. I almost screw up my SPM because of multi-tasking.

But then again, here I am in a small office, where all staffs are forced to multi-task! Ergh!~

HAHAHA. speak like a true geek!

I have no problem with RAM, however, as I grow older, I realised my processor can’t support new technology. Still running PentiumIII 500Mhz. LoL!

mak oi… eddie.. nko marah kat aku per ni?
aku baru menuntut dengan hang pon tak abes lagi.
hahaha.. terase sial… baik nko cakap nko marah sape?
(mampos tak kasi tau nye… ngiahaha)

P/S: abis aku ni kijer multi tasking… so apa pendapat
nko kerja multi tasking..? “main job” lain.. “sub job”
jadi lain… gampang kan?

hohoho…bende multi-task yg paling slalu aku buat is when i was busy doing sthng & had to call someone, i just dialed the number and wait till that person picked up the phone..but in the end i often forget that i had actually made the call & the person at the other end of the line was like, “hello!hello!Muni!Muni…ko salah tekan ke ape?”..
Now, some of my friends who used to get that from me already know that I didn’t mistakenly dialed their number and they will say,”ko slalu camtuh..”

when i resigned my boss had regretted it and had said its hard to find someone with versatility and can do everything. that is when i knew i had made the right decision to resign :)). i just can do the versatility aka multitask anymore. just so damn hard to focus.

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