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Modelling for My Own Website

While my brother is still around, I asked him to photoshoot me. I wanted to redesign my web design company and make it more friendly, more ‘me’ oriented.

Self PotraitSelf PotraitSelf PotraitSelf PotraitSelf PotraitSelf PotraitSelf Potrait
via: my flickr

It wasn’t hard to find a background, since the room next to mine is pretty much empty, due to renovation. The process was painful and mind numbing. We had little knowledge (or rather I) of lightings and angles. Some pose like crossed arm were automatically banned. Crossed arm means being defensive (body language, don’t ask).

Though it was a dreadful process, I really did enjoy the session. Most importantly, the Adobe Skin Care (removing scars in 3 minutes).

There was a few pose that striked me. “I should play with this picture!” And so I did.


(tipu! baju raya 2000 ni!)

Arguably the most annoying advertisement on TV (in between news). “Abg.. ini rumah kita.. ” !@#$%^&* (takkan rumah Khir Toyo plak? Lameeeeeeee.)

If I have to chose, it’d be GAP.

Poyo? Just because I’m talented and daring, doesn’t mean you have the rights to judge in anyway you like. Stop degrading others and see the world in different views.

ps: Anyone can be a model.

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