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Mockup, mockup, mockup, not a mocking bird

It’s been a while since I last publish my mock up.


Yes, I know. I’m awesome and I get brag about it. Lalala~

Want to see the high quality one? Right click here and save as (1mb).

ps: Another step to a super bike?

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

18 replies on “Mockup, mockup, mockup, not a mocking bird”

design yang bagus bukan setakat cantik tapi design yang boleh dimanfaatkan bersama kan. cool ! aku suka dengan design ko. nampak simple tapi teruja dengan angkasaraya

This is a good design. The first time I saw it, I automatically thinking to be an astronaut, haha..


-pengenalan ATSB = priority no. 1. aku lihat ia berada di bawah sekali, mungkin ada cara lain untuk memberitahu visitor tentang, apa itu ATSB. and it might be the first question they’d ask. Slogan maybe last? aku pun tak paham apa aku tulis. adeh

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