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Minah Ragut Beaten To Death


WARNING : Brutal Content! Gather your courage before watching
I received many emails from my uncle (most of them being funny). But this one captures my attention most. How rotten and cruel mankind can be!

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Forget about the origin of the video (I don’t know so don’t ask), but look at how she was beaten! A huge crowd took the matters in their own hands. She was beaten to pulp (not literally). And the last part of the scene is somewhat tragic. They dropped a rock on the poor girl’s head. She bled and her blood covered the floor 😯

So what if she steals? Does she deserved to be punished that way? Mother fuckers :vangry:


ps: this entry spoiled my weekend, DAMN 😡

pss: Everyone is subjected to the law, even the PM!

psss: Minah ragut = female snatch thief

pssss: YouTube removed the video, darn  😡

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OMG! OMG! arhh poor her.. 😯
does those ppl dont have any mercy!!! 😡
They took off her pant and even dropped a big rock on her head! ❗
OMG! man..this world is so cruel..!
i sympathize with that girl.. 😥
for sure she got a big trauma after the incident.. 😯

OMG! That is the cruelest thing that I’ve ever seen. WTF! I agree with you. She doesn’t deserve to be punished that way. Who are they to do such cruelty?

It seems to me that every single person there has no heart at all. :vangry:

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my god. i hope the person who bashed her head with the brick can live with the fact that this brutal blow killed her. i strongly believed that they should not have taken the law into their own hands. i agree that she has done something wrong but to kill her for the petty theft,that is inhumane. it seems that we have psychological problems in our society that has to be addressed by the HEALTH MINISTRY. ….sometimes don’t even feel safe in the lift with my neighbours. 😥

F*CK. dah lama aku tak mencarut neh

orang2 yang bangang:
– mamat2 dayus yang belasah minah tu. kepuasan ke bagi diaorang?
– orang2 ramai yang dok berkerumun. seronok ke tengok pesta mari memukul seorang gadis?
– sialan2 yang dok ambil gambar guna kamera hs. menambah aib pada si mangsa. (but if not for them, we won’t see this on you tube, idk)

ingatlah di akhirat nanti kita akan dipersoalkan, apakah yang kita buat pada situasi camni..

kalau aku? entahlah, mungkin aku juga tak mampu.. hanya boleh bersimpati dan berdoa, dan berlalu pergi.. mungkin melaporkan pada pihak berkuasa..

semoga roh si arwah dicucuri rahmat..

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😡 actually… that not minah ragut.. 🙄

tapi Du’a Khalil, a Kurdish girl aged 17, who was viciously stoned to death on April 7, 2007 (if not mistaken!).

She came from a family of Yazidi faith, and was snatched from her home by Yazidi men who had discovered that she was in love with a Muslim Arab man and had visited him.

So pathetic.. beaten to death because she loved a wrong person.. 🙁

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puaslah ati korunk bdk 2 dah mati?? korunk n binatang ke?? kalo yer pon die ragut tapi patut ke korunk bunuh die??kite ade undang2 lah korunk 2 lebih teruk dari binatang tau!!

the video doesn’t work on firefox 😛
IE is ok.

ps: wassup… long time no see xD
pss: kewl site

It works on all platform. You just have to wait for it to load. What to do, Malaysian server ma 🙂

ps: good to see you too. When are you coming to KL?

😥 i mmg da tau dah..tat thing cannot happen here…in malaysia..i hate mat n minah rempit, but i noe the nottiest thing they’ve ever done isunprotecred sex..they didnt kill..thank god im in malaysia…its so cruel…wat i can say glad we can live in multi racial people…alhamdulillah..

Nobody has any right to do such a thing to another person…no matter what crime they have committed. I did not finish watching the clip, it was too brutal. Nobody even tried to help her.. My girlfriend was right..I shouldn’t have watched it. They don’t have hearts nor do they have souls!

If I was there…I would have called the police and probably tried to stop that murderous mob. I don’t care if I get hurt myself as long as I save somebody from getting killed. Nobody deserves to die that way…

Considering we’re outnumbered, I too would shield her with my own aging body, just like you NH… 🙁

No living soul deserves to be treated this way! REGARDLESS! :vangry:

…NH, considering the fact that she is THE victim, you might wanna re-phrase the title of this post, in honor of her…?

just received from a fren and watch this video today. dammm…doesn’t they have any mercy to that girl…i’m glad this is not happening here… tak sampai hati to watch till the up till saw the black pant… after that i close the muvee…

😥 puas lah aty smua jntn to..lw ea pn jgn r bnoh pmpuan to..cpe yg memukul pmpuan to dea adalah laki yg dayus……….. 😥

:vangry: seriously those guys have no balls! they have no rights to hurt a human being that way.

some fuckers just needed some teachings!!!!
are they even educated? dont they know whats forgive? whats understanding? what is called inhumanity???

wheres the police? dont they have any society to protect them??? like criminal rights or something?

i m not surprise even they r muslim coz i know d muslim can do that. look at afgan how they treat d woman . d bottom line is d people who is doing this really ought to be shot dead n mudah2an tuhan tempat kan org ini di neraka di akhirat.ini perasaan seorang insan .

This is the most inhumane shit i’ve ever seen.
Look at this example on how some malay guys think that girls should be beaten up.
Guys like that mindset should definately go to hell because girls are the most delicant beings and men should not beat them up no matter what faults they did.
Those guys and the one who dropped the rock on her will definately parish in the depths of hell.

I have totally totally lost my respect to all muslim guys who think that beating woman up is alright.NO ONE deserves to ever get this type of punishment.If they are so religious in ways.Did their God ever thought them that he is the only one who can judge and he is the only one who can punish any one.And for the reason of loving the wrong person?

God have mercy on all of them because they will parish.All of them.

Men can cheat on their wives and there is no justice being served.No one deserves to get killed over such a petty reason.

This totally show the immaturity and disgraceful thinking that many muslim men has.

I have nothing against muslims but this totally crossed the lines.


I think every1 got it wrong… Its nothing got to do with any RAGUT or wat so ever kind of crime. Its all about having an affair wif a muslim man and the girl family not agreed wif it. If you were to go to Dua Khalil:Killed without mercy. then you will get the truth of it. Please do not dispute wrongly coz it effects on each other religion. The person who put in this video might has oversight when typing the subject. Plz be extra careful becoz u may cause the whole world to the wrong judgement….

Apa yg ditunjukkan dlm video itu, cukup zalim. Thou if how big is the crime made,they shouldnt punish in their own hand. Wat if that was their mother?Sister? or Wife? Theres no such a word could describe wat kind of creature they are. They are not human being nor animals, coz binatang pun tahu rasa simpati. They are worsen then a beast!!! And the best thing, wat is the security there for?? Done nothing! Scared! My tears roll downs while watching the video so do my husband beside me. Wat goes arnd, cmes arnd. Org-org zalim itu lambat laun akan dpt balasan nya dari tuhan dimana lebih luar dari dugaan sesiapa pun didunia. Ingat no one on this earth has the capability to defeat “THE ONE & ONLY”. The tym will come……..

huhuhu sial!!!!!!!!!!!dasar lelaki dayus……
sian bdk 2….negara ada undang2 beb……
lau btl la diorg 2 manusia diorg x wat begitu.
ank org juak 2….bukan binatang………
pikir la skit………buka mata 2 mn sifat keperimanusiaan korank………

Greetings to all,

It is obvious that there is a lot of confusion regarding this post. As mentioned by other readers, this is NOT a snatch thief being beaten-up.

I completely agree that this video is sickening and ultimately barbaric.

HOWEVER, if it were true that the girl was in fact a snatch thief, I have a completely different opinion all together.

Irregardless of gender, all snatch thieves should die – in the most horrific manner such that everyone is able to witness. Why? Ask yourselves the following questions:

1. How many reported cases of snatch thieves are there in the past month (in your neighbourhood alone)?
2. Do you remember how many deaths have been caused by snatch thieves?
3. How many snatch thieves have been brought to justice?
4. Is PDRM doing enough to enforce this so-called “undang-undang” that you readers so proudly mention here?
5. If you are law-abiding citizens, are you afraid to go out at night?
6. If you are repeat offenders (or perhaps snatch thieves yourselves), are you afraid of the law? If not, what would stop you from committing crime?

I’m pretty sick of waiting for the “relevant authorities” to act. As far as I am concerned, the only relevant authority is the one who is bearing the consequences (AKA the citizens). If the police, government, rambo, etc can’t make you safe, you have to make yourself feel safe. You and your family depends on it.

In other words, if you want things to be done right, do it yourself.

p.s – snatch thieves are like cockroaches that need to be exterminated

Why are they so cruel? why?? 🙁 Nobody deserves to be treated like that. 🙁 Tuhan kasi setiap hambanya peluang but they took her life…..

aku xtaw nk ckp pemende darh…
sper la yg buat kt pmpuan 2 cm2…
pmpuan sorang yg lemah…
korang xpkir ke sumer 2..
sper yg terlbat dlm aktiviti membelasah pmpuan 2….
korang memeng sial…
nnti la korang..
tuhan akan bls balik….
namo ckp banyak2 darh..
kang aku lak yg manayk dose,…

I understand this is only one of the barbaric acts of savages of modern world, (they are not fit to be called human), more detailed information about this incident, can be obtained from the following website and once, i have ever come across a video, one which is even more tragic and happens to many woman especially for adolescents and teenagers, in the middle east countries carried out even under their law. This cannot be resolved easily, as long as the misinterpretations of the religious leaders on their (any) religions and misunderstandings of those savages are cleared,& thinking people can understand, there’s no place for religions to be blamed. ultimate aim of all religion is to purify oneself, but how can and who can teach them? I think, not even GOD can make them think right and positive in their cursed lifes born to sin and sin, again & again.

hidup lah dlm penyesalan.mengambil nyawa orang bkn la kerja kita tp ALLAH S.W.T.ambil iktibar dr video ni.mau kah kita anak2 kita ber’bapak’kan pembunuh??????MASYALLAH

are you sure mat rempit dont kill? thank god im leaving in s’pore instead of m’sia. no offense though, just that my cousin who is staying in kl do witness mat2 rempit belasah orang sampai mati. tak kill ke tu? pasal perkara kecil gang fight. sigh.

it is very common in their country. suck as israil and all. too common that everyone witness it almost everyday. i’ve seen a 5 year old’s arm crushed to death because he stole from a bread shop as he was too hungry. they remove it from you tube sadly

the police cant do anything about it dear. go read about extreme islam. they do such a thing. they even slaughter, cut off the whole neck because of a slight mistake. god, you m’sians are so not reveal to all this aye. there’s more.

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