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Minah Ragut Beaten To Death


WARNING : Brutal Content! Gather your courage before watching
I received many emails from my uncle (most of them being funny). But this one captures my attention most. How rotten and cruel mankind can be!

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Forget about the origin of the video (I don’t know so don’t ask), but look at how she was beaten! A huge crowd took the matters in their own hands. She was beaten to pulp (not literally). And the last part of the scene is somewhat tragic. They dropped a rock on the poor girl’s head. She bled and her blood covered the floor 😯

So what if she steals? Does she deserved to be punished that way? Mother fuckers :vangry:


ps: this entry spoiled my weekend, DAMN 😡

pss: Everyone is subjected to the law, even the PM!

psss: Minah ragut = female snatch thief

pssss: YouTube removed the video, darn  😡

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and she took the risk of death to love someone that has slight different faith..under the same religion. I am really positive that she knew she would have trouble anyway.

it is just one single story and of course there are many untold thousand stories.

Hello everyone. I have some interesting news.
I was in Pizza Hut (Sunway Pyramid) yesterday and suddenly my friend showed me the bill.
The bill contains normal things la (number of person, bill. number and what is ordered). But, what shocked me is that they had space called ‘ RACE ‘ .I guess since we were all wearing tudung, they labelled us as 0, which means MALAY. Later, when we went to pay�we had no service charge and no tax charge.
Still in shock, I peeped into another bill in the counter. In that bill, under the race space, it was labelled as C (which I guess means Chinese). That bill had service and tax charges!!!
I started investigating. One of my Sri Lankan friends was labelled as Indian it seems and she also had to pay service and tax charges a few weeks back. What I ‘ m wondering is that�does anyone know about this? I find it rather strange that they charge service and tax charge using racein Pizza Hut, out of all the places!

psl la bdo sngt org yg blsh dia 2????mgkn dia ssah ke??nk bntu kuarga dia ka,mna hmpa tw……………ko ye pn srah je la kat polis.xde ati ke apa??????????aq nk org yg blsh dia 2.kna blik apa yg dia wat kat pmpuan pon pmpuan gak,aq phm prasaan dia

This is indeed barbaric in inhuman. Even animals don’t do this. It’s not surprising that this happened. Thousands of women are facing such cruelty. This is what they call “honour killing” where a member of a family is killed by their own family to save face and cleanse the family. There is an on-going case about a Pakistani woman whose husband hung her upside down, cut off her ears, tongue n nose n blinded her coz he suspected she was looking at another man and she was pregnant at that time. Google “honour killings” and you will realize the horrific things that go on in this world.
These crimes will not stop immediately. Those who want to help, try joining Equality Now. They have lots of petitions and articles on human rights.
I’m a Christian but I think Islam is a beautiful religion which protects women and children. So before we criticize a religion and its teachings we should first study and understand it.

I feel sick and cant stop my tears every time i see this video.These are tribal uncivilized bastards who are taking honour in killing an innocent small helpless girl so brutally.I wonder what kind of humans these bastard s are.they have dishonoured humanity and killing each and every bastard present there can restore the honour of humanity.No religion teaches this,it is only sick bastards who carry out such murders

snatch thieves deserve to be exterminated? nobody has the right to take another persons life. you are not god. we all do wrong because we are human. THERE IS ENOUGH HATE AND DEATH IN THIS WORLD. two wrongs do not make a right. how can u not see that. I am disgusted that those men (fathers, brothers, husbands) did such wrong to that girl, whoever she may be.

this is not about ragut, this a love story, a Kurdish girl(religion mix from islam,cristianity,judaism(jews), and some of zoroasterian believe so not consider islam) with islamic sunni in Iraq. their family doesn’t agree with the mariage and doesn’t believe about girl mixing aroud with other religion..ow man, poor beutiful girl i see.

aku tak boleh tengok apa yg terjadi di dalam video ini walau apa bangsa atau ugama pon tidak semestinya wanita yg lemah diperlakukan macam binatang.jantan2 sial ni tak ubah serperti binatang buas dan jantan daus aku harap marilah kita ramai2 doakan supaya jantan2 ni ditangkap lalu di hukum gantung amin

Salam & hello to all my dearest reader, i would like to rephrase the statement that i made about the 3gp video minah rempit peragut which i provide the free download link here. The person in that video was known as Du’a Khalil Aswad, 17 years old Iraqis girl who fall in love with the Sunni boy. Her family practiced the Yezidi religion

The Yezidi religion according to Google dictionary. to amnesty
to latibul

She was abducted and brutally murdered in front of hundreds of men by her relatives — who stripped her body, beat and kicked her, and killed her by crushing her body with rocks and concrete blocks – Kurdistan Image credit to the muslim women

Online video streaming by Bally blog, viewers discretion advised. Stream now!

So, to clear it out, it was not happen in Asia country and totally not the rempit’s buddy.

-> ini baru la crita sebenar… sepatutnye pihak yang menukarkan name video ini insaf krn perbuatannya hanya memburukkan name m’sia.. kita patut bersyukur negara kita masih aman sentosa.. tiada lagi kejadian2 sperti itu.. kita patut bersatu padu diantara semua kaum di m’sia.. tidak kira bumiputera, cina, india dan melayu sumuanya adalah rakyat m’sia.. berpegang teguh la pda itu krn diluar sana ramai menunggu perpecahan kita..

untuk lebih lnjut lawati

a friend of mine told me about this vid because our other friend has it on his cellphone & i didn’t want to look at it ’cause it may get me psychologically nauseated. 😯 all he told me was this vid originated from malaysia & that the girl was killed by his bf because she cheated on him. the guy was said to be in a rock band.

so i googled it up…

& this is what i found… thanks for the clarification from all the people who commented on this.

now i know it was not malaysian but iraqi, & it was not a murder of passion but because of some sick cultural norms…

this is so sad and disturbing. i hope the men here will also be beaten to death & get tortured so they’ll feel the girl’s fear & tragic experience. f*ck them all!

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