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Messy A Sign Of Genius?

messy desktop

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Can I borrow your laptop? … Sure ❗

Woaaaahhh!!! What is this clutter? 😳

There was a saying about genius being messy. Anyway here’s the answer from Yahoo

Is a messy room a sign of a potential genius? – I’m sure we would ALL like to believe that, but I don’t think it’s actually true. Because if it was, I would be the one with the highest IQ ever recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records and not Marilyn vos Savant!! Sorry, you can come in second if you insist.

Taken from Yahoo! Answer

At least I know where to find my stuff 😉

ps: We have search function in Windows XP, USE IT!

pss: Enjoy your weekend! ➡

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I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

9 replies on “Messy A Sign Of Genius?”

waahhh semak nya desktop! tak makan memori ke?
so messy! 😕 hmm wonder sape punya laptop ni?

asal kau bleh carik benda yang kau nak, tu kira okay lah tu. mungkin orang tengok berserabut, tapi kita yang mengadapnya hari2 kita je lah yang paham…ni kira merujuk kepada meja kepada meja aku masa kat tmpat kerja lama. haha. 🙂

aishah’s last blog post..Maybe…

ko belom tgk meje keje aku lg. batteries, bekas french fries mcD, screws, obat-obatan, perintang (resistor), tasbih, gambar2 .. mak cik cleaner pon pening tgk 😳

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