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Mesiniaga Golf Tournament

This is something to brag about, well, I deserved it!

It was hosted at Nilai Spring Resort, somewhere south of KL. The trip from my house took about 45 minutes. It was blazing hot and surprisingly very windy.

For me, it was the third time for me on a real golf course.

The first nine holes witness a mental break down. I was hitting everywhere else except for the target. The weather wasn’t helpful either, it was hot and humid. My peers were Wong and Herfa. Wong is regular and Herfa, just like me a beginner.

I was doing so bad until Wong told me, “Edwin, remember practise driving range.”

From there, things took off. I played much better, more composed and focused. Landed a few chance for birdie, unfortunately I was pretty much a sissy when it comes to putting. It’s always too short or slow to reach the hole. The score was good for the second nine, it was full of bogey and a par.

Having to recover from a bad game, landed me this..

Mesiniaga Golf Tournament 1

.. 2nd place in Rookie Category and if I have to thank anyone, it’ll be Aisyah Rozi. If she hadn’t tried hard to understand my new hobby and the time needed to practise, I wouldn’t have a place in the rankings. Thanks hun! Also thanks to Dad for the set. Oh yes, and I played 108. Which is a big deal 😉

ps: Ramadhan is coming, I doubt I’d have the time to swing. So puasa, is really PUASA 😉

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12 replies on “Mesiniaga Golf Tournament”

3rd TIME?????

I thought you promised to play with me in our first ever real course, apart from the driving range?

Oh aku sungguh ketinggalan hahahaha….

hi. lama tak drop comment. Mesiniaga is my employer.haha..congrats..

*btw i’m ex housemate Byekula at pantai hillpark.just in case if you’re wondering ;p *

u play futsal with MSB team recently kan? KR tu my fiancee.cuma dia kat USJ.bukan kat menara.haha.kene tgu next kick off la nampaknye nak tgk edwin si rookies buat performance nnt.kakakaka

Wow! 3rd time on green and you got yourself a medal? Nice. It’s my 3rd time on the greens too but so far I baru layan Bukit Utama. It’s narrow and only has 9 hole.

You should give it a try. 😛

Congrats on your winning. Bila lagi nak masuk competition?

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