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Mercedes vs BMW II

I was chilling alone at Coffee shop near my house and saw my juniors across the hall. So I invited them over.


We talk about many things. The old days, politics, Khir Toyo’s mansion and it all boils down to what boys like most, cars. “Hypothetically Ed, if you had a huge sum of cash, what would you buy? Mercedes or BMW, and what model?”, one of the juniors asked.

No doubt both cars lived up to their names, but I decided to grill them instead.

“I won’t buy neither”


“Because it will be selfish to spend a quarter million just for yourself (or your family). I also think, driving around a prestige car would make me feel better than anyone else (riak), when actually we’re the same. We’re all humble servants of God. This is also a test of faith, how well you manage your wealth!”

Squirming their faces, they stared in disbelief. They never saw this coming.

“Think about it, the poor, orphans, old folks, natives people, how well are they living? Besides, wouldn’t it be better if you give half of that money to charity and the other as an investment for your kids?”, adding salt to their wound.

The air was tensed. They didn’t know what to say. They looked at each other, sipping their drink slowly, taking their time to digest and of course, thinking of a clever come back line. I’m sure they regretted sharing an evening tea with me.

“Ok. Between these two Germans, I’d get an Audi R8”, just to ease the air. “Hahaha, that’s not fair Ed!” (it’s RM2 mil worth).

RM 2 million worth

Well, you know me, the weird guy with his weird taste. (We had an Audi A6 once, I was able to push it to 264kmh, hence the inclination towards Audi).

“But seriously, if you do have that kind of money, which I’m sure you will, remember what I told you”, making sure my words were burnt into their heads. The topic later progressed around F1, Braun GP, FIA etc.

It feels good imposing my thoughts to youngsters.

ps: Seriously, when you drive an expensive car, do you feel better than anyone else? Because if you do, God hates you.

pss: Remember the basic credo, sharing is caring.

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55 replies on “Mercedes vs BMW II”

Having huge sums of cash will not yet make me think about buying a luxury car.
I will want to turn that cash into cashflow first and see what I get every month. Only when I can get obscene amounts of monthly income will I begin to even consider looking at premium-priced cars.

Bukan setakat kereta…nak pakai barang mahal2 sangat pun kadang berkira…banyak lagi benda boleh dibuat dengan duit banyak tu…

Gen2 pun cukup la for me.

yup. banyak benarnya yg kau ckp tu. tp akhirnya, dengan duit yg banyak akal jadi pendek dan nafsu mengeletek nk tunjuk diri. boleh dikatakan semua mcm tu. dan aku mcm kau, masih berfikir secara rasional (bila duit belum dlm genggaman) ๐Ÿ˜›

didn’t expect this from you at all.
to be honest, u seem to be the kind of person who likes to brag ๐Ÿ˜›

which one wud you prefer. a mercedes driver who is still humble and generous, or a kancil driver, who’s never even thought of orphans or poor people, but rather spend his money on modifying his car.

to me, buying a nice, prestigious car doesn’t make u superior than others. it’s not a form of ‘showing off’. to own this type of car is a form of self satisfaction, it’s an accomplishment of our desires and there’s nothing wrong with it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

btw, i wud prefer mercedes over bmw. :XO:

Believe me, driving either car would not make you humble. People would always look at you differently.

Point no 1, satisfying oneself with a car is selfish. Spread the love.

Lada, you’re missing the point. It’s not about active or passive income, it’s about ‘riak’.

People buy expensive cars, to minimize payable income tax. Buy a car, with the company’s name. Park it under your cost. That’s why you see KL is flooded with both brands ๐Ÿ˜‰

tapi kalau dah banyak sgt duit sampai taktau nk buat pe,timbul la keinginan nk beli benda pelik dan mahal.
rumah besar,kereta besar….
silap2 helikopter pon beli ๐Ÿ˜›

RX 8 bro! Aku gi tgk kat kedai smlm, RM 115k. Terase nak satu, tp considering myk die and rotary shit die, tak jadi la.

ps: Skyline 2 seater ke 4 seater?

Saya pun takkan pilih mana2 pun antara dua ni. Sebab saya memang suka sesuatu yang simple. Point tentang unsur riak mungkin ada tu pun satu hal jugak kan.

Oh my. You still remember that, Eddy? Waa. Well, that’s what we call dream. And I know it will never come true ๐Ÿ™‚

But (haha, there’s still a but), people won’t look at Mazda as high as BMW or Mercedes. Maybe I’ve got influenced by the Russians. It’s a common car here. ๐Ÿ˜›

Dream car? You know, I would definitely buy my wife a conti, perhaps a Swedish car for safety reasons ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ll still be on my Gen2 until it decides to die.

BTW, it’s Eddie. (I like my name to be spelled correctly, pardon my constant seek-for-perfection)

Oh no. I spelled it wrongly this time. Never happened before, right? Sorry Eddie. My bad. Wrong spelling, 2:10 am, tired —> these call for bedtime.

p/s: Saya start kerja nanti pakai kereta kancil lama kakak saya je sudah. Huhu. Jimat duit ๐Ÿ˜€

Aku akan kekal dengan kancil comel ni, sbb entah bila aku nak kaya. Seperti kata kau Edy, lebih baik begini dari riak sepanjang kilometer ๐Ÿ˜€

ps:tp sesetengah tu pakai kancil pun dah riak semacam ๐Ÿ˜

There’s a line between riak and berlagak. Riak hanya terdetik dlm hati, hanya diri sendiri dan Tuhan sahaja yg tahu. Berlagak plak menunjukยฒ, dalam erti kata lain, dalam bentuk perbuatan atau perbualan.

Pakai kerete kecil comel, jimat minyak!

I love to drive super fast. But I don’t see the points of spending money on luxurious cars for the sake of comfort or self satisfaction.

Motto I simple je. As long as I am air conditioned and doesn’t get wet from the rain, and I can move more than 110kmph, and doesn’t give me headache every single month, and no vibrating steering wheel AND fuel efficient, I am OK!

Well, that doesn’t look simple, does it?

Riak, eh? What if you really earned it? Can’t you feel better about yourself if you know your financial management is much better than the average Joe that you can afford those cars?

To minimize income tax is a valid point if you have a company. Great way to beat the system.

supercar + hot chick + muka jambu cam Bong.

memang boleh riak sambil hidung kembang-kembang round town takpun show-off kat member-member ko ada hotchick & awesome supercar. โžก

Hmm, you’re giving me a hard time. Let’s resort to something simpler, your money, do what you like.

I’m sure you already know this, there’s plenty of ways to feel better about yourself.

Riak is something I have to constantly remind myself.

Kalau nak kne G force paling stim naik fighter jet. Maximum G force kalau untuk kete pun 3G je. Fighter jet leh pergi sampai 7G. Jangan kata pening kepala, siap pitam pun boleh. Whoahahaha

kalau bab masalah riak nih susah nk jadi..sebab dia ada bersangkutan dengan ujub dan takbur…..

aku try bg contoh:
andai kata orang beli kereta mahal sebab dia nk guna, itu ok….
tp andai kata orang beli kereta mahal tp dalam hati dia duk rasa yang nnt orang mngata kat dia, maka yang tu kategori riak…

correct me if im wrong….
comment takat mampu ja..kalau tak paham, rujuk guru agama terdekat..


riak ada dalam setiap kategori, kereta, kerja, dll.

the only way of ditching it is by, like you said, constantly reminding ourselves. we are human. sometimes kantoi jugak, tapi bila tersedar, cepat2 beristighfar.

great move there bro.

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