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Mean Comments on Youtube

Right. The video above gave me a total hit of 200k in 3 weeks.

When the girls pitched the idea to me, I didn’t really think it was a good idea. Afterall, I didn’t really like how DSV flaunts her wealth.

1 hour video shoot, and 1 hour editing. It was ready. I shoot to the net.

Within the first two weeks, the hits was mere 1k views. I never thought it would get further than that until DSV launched her own version on Youtube. The rest was history.

Anyway, like most of you, “I’m here for the comments” applies when I tuned to any video. Trolls are pretty common, until I got a taste.

“You know you are famous when you have haters.” -Edwin 2008

We received loads of hate comments. I’m not gonna write here, so you best check it out yourself.

The meanest was telling us to take our own lives.

I don’t kill ants and try my best not to kill mozzies. Taking human life? Far from it. How could you think of such thing?

It’s ok to tell me off, like it’s stupid, silly and dumb. But a life? Hmm..

After consulting with Aisyah, I just decided to delete mean comments, keeping it positive. It’s a parody, it’s supposed to be stupid, funny or whatever.

ps: I’ve got tonnes of inquiry about the girl in white. I’ll just leave it at that.

pps: I do vlogs in my spare time. For the kids mainly.


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