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Not in picture: Camus (taking the picture)

Last Friday I attended a MCOBA ICT meeting. We were tasked to complete Then came the long debate of Joomla vs Drupal. It’s not an easy decision. Having used both platform for my previous web projects, both shines in their own special way. Joomla is a plug and play but can be very frustrating at times. Drupal is for hardcore developer but we have very little time to develop the site.

As the discussion progresses, we know we were heading no where. Camus, the head of MCOBA ICT suggested we should wrap up and just leave the decision to me. Everyone agreed. I am now officially part of the MCOBA ICT Committee. Ehh… wait a minute, I went to the meeting just to spur some ideas, not join to you guys geeks! Anyway, as the appointed Leader for the project, I hope team members can give their utmost cooperation in developing the site. (Who said I hate power?)

I guess Camus and other senior MCOBA ICT are too tied up with work. They’ve done so much, I guess its about time to pass the baton and let others carry it. I won’t let you down. (, will be a good portfolio don’t you think?)

Other Info : MCOBA ICT Committee Meeting – January 2008 []

Now I really need to compose myself really well. I have a lot of things to shuffle, work, coaching, paperwork for new business, batch, personal projects, mcoba ict & personal fitness. Thank God I don’t have any girl to give me headaches. Phewww.

PS: Those who are interested in joining the Project, please contact me. I need a limitless photoshop-er and a server admin (can deal with dedicated server). Oh yeah, you have to be MCKK old boys. Currently interested, Izrin and Shoul from Class of 2000.

PSS: Why do I write a lot about my SCHOOL?

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