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MBA Price on the Rise

I’ve been on the look out to upgrade myself asI’ve upgraded many of my gadgets. I need a better OS, one that systematically puts my thoughts into the right places.

Here’s something I don’t get, the cost of MBA in UK about 15,000 pounds, some go beyond. Business is good for something you are unsure of your employability. And you have to go to great length to fill in the forms, get recommendation from everyone you’ve met, proof that you graduated, speak, write and understand English. When you’re in, monotonous lectures will bore you to death. It’s not even helpful if your group mate is some sleazy drunkard and only relies on your report. The weather is a bitch. The locals would curse every time you speak other than English.

If I’m paying with my left arm, I expect to just register with my email and when the time comes, I appear in class. Isn’t there any university that accepts me by just paying a deposit? I’m fine if they don’t refund me if I don’t turn up. That would’ve make a great business scheme, email and deposit, and you’re in!

I guess I’m a bit of a mess when dealing with all this forms. I hate forms in general. They just have to know what my granny’s name, what is she up to, how’s the neighbors cat and other non sense that is irrelevant. People apply to uni to better themselves, to gain knowledge. Isn’t that a good enough reason?

Let’s just follow procedures and be robots.

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