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I am a frequent user of Maybank2u ever since 2001 when I first got my current account. I use Maybank2u to pay everything from car loan, house loan, bills, transfer money and sometimes top-up for others (don’t ask who).

But there are things I hate about Maybank2u.

  • Old design, since 2001.
  • Prepaid top up (mobile phone) will be given a code
  • TAC number delay, sometimes the next day
  • Bill Registration
  • Poor navigation, will only confuse others.
  • Poor graphic and coding
  • The use of iFrame
  • The HTTP 300 Error
  • Search feature, non existent.
  • Location of the Branch

Old design

Ever since 2001, the layout of the website is the same. I have several internet banking options, HSBC UK, NatWest and Chase. If you compare head to head, feature by feature, Maybank is the worst. Maybank should really bang their heads to produce something better looking and easy for the user (I’m usually tense when dealing with money). Here’s a few tips, get rid of the dropdown, dates & time, this new_small.gif jinjang icon, stupid pop-up javascript, also the almost-everything-bold-font.

Prepaid Topup

I use postpaid, but I did come across a few times where I had to top-up for my “ehem2“. Upon paying, I was given a string of code for my/her mobile, which is ridiculous. I was expecting Maybank to directly transfer the paid amount to my/her phone. That would be much easier don’t you think?

TAC Number, Texted to your Phone

I dare not deny the importance of this safety mechanism, however the SMS delay could take up to a day. Is it possible to make it in less than 2 minutes? Save us time before your website starts bugging, “Want to Log Out?

Bill Registration

Why do I have to register for my bills? I know what I want to pay (even if its someones’ elses bill). Wouldn’t it be easier to key in the account number and store the previous transaction? This way, the user could save a hell lot of time.

Poor Left Navigation

After logging in, there are series of navigation on the left, which is good really, but the structure is a bit messy. Often enough I get lost. I don’t have time to play the guessing game, “er.. maybe this one, let’s click it“. Everything has to be structured to accommodate a normal user. You do know that, Internet Banking is all about time saving, don’t you?

Poor Graphic and Coding

<img src=“xx.jpg” width=“153” height=“212” border=“0” alt=“”> </img>

If you look at the coding above, you will see that there’s so many ways to truncate the piece. In many cases, you DO NOT NEED to declare width and height of the image. If the picture is not in the right size, export to an image editor and resize it. By coding the width and height, it proves the designer is actually lazy and has poor taste/ knowledge. Below is my example.

<img src=“xx.jpg” border=“0” />

Notice how short it is? Be a good web designer, please don’t cut corners.

the Use of iFrame

iFrame is an old fashioned technique that I used when I was with Geocities, and that was way back in 2001. XHTML and CSS as the next big thing, I dropped the whole idea of iFrame but I still use it occasionally on my project to show external content. You can use effectively, however on Maybank2u, that’s not the case. Maybank2u utilizes iFrame obscenely! Almost all the time, I find myself scrolling side ways and I utterly hate that. You can read here and see how web developer disagrees with iFrame.

the HTTP 300 Error


This means, that you cannot access the page via, you have to use the WWW before the domain name. This is a classic case if you’re on a dedicated server. Get your web master to help. A quick user like myself find it irritating. I should program one of my keyboard to write, WWW once pressed.

Search Feature

There is no SEARCH feature at Maybank2u. This my friend, is bad, really bad.

Whilst I heard Maybank made RM1Billion for Q4, they still failed to purchase Why? Your dot com will show how serious you are about globalisation. What if Maybank haters purchased that domain and spreads out bad rumours about the company? So take note.

Branch Locater

How long will it take you to find your nearest Maybank branch via the website? It explains how bad the whole structure of the website.

All In All

Maybank is Malaysians top 10 most visited website (at no 10). The website is good as is, but making it better, would surely seal the “benchmark” for other banks in Malaysia. Maybank must keep up with the latest web technology (AJAX) other than offering latest products (banking facilities). They also need to crack their heads to remain as no 1 Malaysian internet banking facility. Good Luck.. or hire me 😉


I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. i dont care! who did you top up for?? haha~

  2. my ‘larlings’~

  3. type pun bole jack! rajin eh lu tulis2 bende alah camni. pantek.

    weh gua ada la buat web. lu usha la

  4. pale hotak ko. sume mende tak tuka lg. ko beli template je kan?

    rajin? tade, kalau aku complain2 sure ade org akan do something about it.

  5. i hate the site too… its too old school.. and the yellow is annoying.. and btw, i did give this feedback via email to their cust service.. seems nothing is done.

  6. aku pun benci ngan design layout mbb2u neh. hehehehee. hampeh je kan. lawa lagi cimbclicks

  7. some are just ignorant. tatau pasal global branding kot.

  8. buruk. tak yah tules panjang2.

  9. memang hampeh. actually aku pun baru perasan benda ni dalam 2 bulan lepas. tu pun bila aku first time start guna cimbclicks. memang jauh gila beza, bagai langit ngan langit ke 7! weh, aku nak copy leh tak? aku nak copy the whole post, pastu nak paste kat m2u customer service… ker linie dah buat dah? linie, you paste ker atau bagi ayat berbudi bahasa? kalau pakai ayat berbudi bahasa, maybe diorang tak sempat nak layan kot… kita kena pakai ayat panas sket. tapi kan, bila teringat peristiwa mogok kat maybank baru2 ni, aku rasa macam takde harapan jer complain kita dapat perhatian…. takpe, blom cuba blom tau. nanti pape hal aku komen lagi kat sini… tata!

  10. i know some of the top management, i just dont think its right to voice out to them when we’re out on coffee breaks.

    M2u cust i think only deals with complains about banking, not its’ infrastructure.

  11. hehehe….sapa la yang bodo pegi beli. aku torrent template suda!

  12. torrent? rapidshare lagi cepat. haha

  13. Maybank ni very arrogant – diaorg ingat dia dah bank terbesar kat Msia, jadi dia tak kisah… dia bnyk customer base – kalau tak caya tengok Q kat ATM machine… dan dia ada bnyk ATM – merata cerok ada – bawah tangga pun ada!
    Tapi dia lupa – customer sekarang dah sophisticated… org buat on-line banking je – tak yah buang masa Q pnjg2… masa pun takde – mana ngan jam lagik…
    The next giant that has come up is CIMB – CinaIndiaMelayu Bank. Many customers have jumped ship. I closed my account with Maybank due to this kind of technical frustration many years ago.

  14. Nice one!!!

  15. ok ok…
    sebagai seorang pengguna tegar maybank2u aku kekadang nyampes jugak dengan servis yang disediakan dan aku ada senarai sendiri kenapa aku nyampes (tetapi sampai skarang masih guna maybank2u nih):

    1. 1st time user akan rasa cam gampank sangat susah tataw nk klik tang mana. tang situ ke tang sini ke… memang takde clear directional guide yang jelas untuk navigation.

    2. website tuh slalu je crash. ntahapahapa betul. padahal aku nk cek gaji dh masuk lom je, baru klik sana sini, tetibe dh kuar error box ntahapentah (aku bukan peduli sangat pun). gewarm!! hehe…

    3. aku stuju, design stok lapuk punye dan tak penah tukar2 sejak ble ntah. i mean, sebagai salah satu bank terkemuka m’sia its about time la diorang punye webmaster do something, kan? even layout untuk agrobank tuh lagi dasat aku tengok… ahaks.

    4. dan yep… aku tak puas hati pasal topup prepaid yang amat mengelirukan ituh.

    sekian. ngee.. o_O

    shandye’s last blog post..tbe2 jewr teringat: lagu kegemaran HIM…

  16. hi. i paid my ptptn via but u know what?the payment didnt reach ptptn. when i tried to search for my online statement, they erased the transaction history that’s passed 30 days. now i have no proof that i have made that payment. i shouldve printed it straight away.

  17. 😡 Biasalah!! Customer service tu TIDO KOT!! 🙁 😥

  18. Will be a big update in next three day..

  19. haha.. noktah hitam ni pengutuk tegar maybank la sblm ni pernah masuk sini cerita pasal kutuk mengutuk maybank jugak aku dah lupa topic apa..

    haa.. sini aku nak tambah.. maybank2u dah bukak design barunya yang canggih (AJAX la kononnya).

    dah menepati kehendak ko la eddie nak design baru ngan AJAX kan..

    tapi tambah problem.. aku nak check balance ada error pastu nak transfer duit takleh.. hehe.. aaa… apa crita ni maybank? (silap aribulan diaorg ofer ko jadi webmaster m2u.. ajak aku skali oy..)

  20. kalo tak suka dah lah….g buka bank lain….apakata iklan kat paper or tv lagi bagus dari menceceh panjang dlm blog. diorang tu busy. kalau lu pandai g lah recommend diri kat CEO maybank buat website canggih……bla bla bla

  21. :halo: realitynya kita tak pernah puas dgn apa yang ada. kalau org kampung or yg baru tahu website mereka rasa seronok tau…..Lu semua org moden n bijak pandai. Dari buang masa bertot tet…baik lu semua g maybank n keja kat it dept depa…..proposal bagi bagus2…Aku pun guna diarong punya website…nak tak nak ada gak kemudahannya…tak yah beratur lama2.. tag tu semua tak nak penipuan berlaku….nanti korang complen lak kat maybank duit tak masuklah, bil tak bayar lah,, ntah apa-apa lah lagi….bersyukurlah……Amin

  22. Eh, aku punye blog, suke hati aku la aku nak tulis ape pon. Bukan aku kutuk lepas tu tak bagi ape2 input untuk buat perubahan.

    Bersyukur itu bile dilimpahkah rezeki, nikmat dsb. TETAPI, online banking ni CONSUMERISM! sile la fahami, dorg pakai duit kite utk diniagakan, bukan untuk simpan seronok².

    Bukan aku tanak recommend kat Maybank, tp dah kene reject nak buat camne? Dah tu kalau semua aku tak puas hati kat dunie ni aku kene keje kt situ utk buat perubahan, baik aku beli negara sendiri.

    Orang komen, bukan komplen. SILA LAH FAHAM BAIK².

  23. Inilah die, tanak terime tunjuk ajar orang lain. Dasar bebal.

  24. If you have a child who was born with some sort of syndromes, u have to be thankful to God..this is a situation where we can’t change what we are destined to…

    As for this one, it is not a situation where we have to be happy with what we have..this is something that can be improved..if other banks can do it, why not maybank?!

  25. ni baru jap kena ni….ni contoh yg di e-mel kan:

    This is to inform you that HAZAWIAH BINTI MD ARIP has transferred RM50
    to your Maybank account on 12/27/11 10:49:44 via

    Please check your account balance.

    This is a system generated email. Please do not reply to it.

    (PP) Disclaimer:
    This message is intended only for the use of the person to whom it is expressly addressed and may contain information that is confidential and legally privileged. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, reliance on, reference to, review, disclosure or copying of the message and the information it contains for any purpose is prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please notify the sender by reply e-mail of the misdelivery and delete all its contents.

    Opinions, conclusions and other information in this message that do not relate to the official business of Malayan Banking Berhad shall be understood as neither given nor endorsed by it.

    so..bila check kat akaun xde duit…bila call 1-300-88-6688 maybank careline baru tau yg saya lum lg wat akaun maybank 2u n user bangang yg antar ni dh kantoi n maybank2u tkkn hantar apa apa notification melalui e-mel jika ada urusan credit online banking…so hati hati la korang..jgn senang senang nk bg no akaun n pin kat bangang bangang ni semua

  26. logik ke transaction history cuma untuk 90 hari, kalau nak lebih lama, kena bayar RM5? m2u transaction lagi pendek, 60 hari je….

    online banking kat australia boleh view semua transaksi sampai bertahun2.

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