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Maybank is Worst Bank Ever!

If you’re using Maybank, it’s time to opt out. Here’s the thing.

17th August – Credit Card payment due. Since no payment was made, they blocked my account. That includes any transaction through Maybank2u. And I wasn’t aware of this until pay day. The amount I owe is RM 907, minimum payment RM 130.

19th August – Salary pumps in. Some surfing on the internet and scrounging on the internet for additional info told me that I should settle my loans, debts and everything that is on top of my head. Then I realised my account was blocked. Called Maybank remedial service, staff not in. It’s only 4.35 pm and they put me on machine. Everyone went home I guessed. So I called the next day.

20th August – Called them after Friday prayer. Was greeted warmly and explained my situation, that my savings is blocked and I can’t do anything. I asked them whether they can contra that from savings. They can, but they wanted the full amount of RM900.

That’s is a total BULLSHIT! All this while, I can ask them to immediately contra my account for minimum payment. Now they want full!!

I explained to the lady, it’s going to be Raya soon, and I need that money to do my shoppings, food for September, fuel etc. And guess what she said, no. WHAT AN IDIOT. HOW AM GOING TO LIVE TILL NEXT MONTH? DARN IT MAYBANK!

Well, to some extend, I understand that I owe them money but that’s a service. They are gaining from me from interest, late payment charges and other charges. Why can’t you just accept the minimum amount? I’ll pay accordingly later on! WHYY? WHYY ARE YOU SO THICK HEADED?

My car loan is RM 700, fuel to go to work plus highway, close RM700 as well. Lunch money for the whole month, RM 250. Minus other installment as well, I’m dead. At the end of the day that RM900 is going to be used for fuel and lunch money, which I plan to cut and use for raya shopping.

Fine, I’ll just submit unwillingly to Maybank and pay RM900 full amount. They told me, I’ll be able to use my account again by evening. At 4.23 pm I called in to check my status. No one is in! MY ACCOUNT IS BLOCKED OVER THE WEEKEND! HOW MORE SCREWED CAN I BE ?! Are you planning to get financial help in 2019? Not from this bank.

Since everything else (other credit card, loans) is due on 21st, which means to say, I’ll be imposed with late payment fees! SERIOUS SHIT. DON’T MAYBANK PEOPLE HAVE MIND TO THINK WITH? Understand the burden that I’ll be facing. Come on, there’s always a way to override it. Don’t make things worst. Have some decency please, it’s close to Raya, let me give out some duit raya this year.

After this shit, I’m withdrawing all my money and putting it elsewhere. It’s never a good idea to put all in one basket. MAYBANK REMEDIAL SERVICE really have to take a toll on this. HAVE SOME DECENCY LAH, UNDERSTAND YOUR CLIENT. After all, I’m trusting you my money here, that’s all a man is really worth (on this life).

ps: It’s not the first time they blocked my account. It happened before.

pss: Let’s just hope LHDN refund my money and NuffNang to pay this month, else, I’m dead!

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52 replies on “Maybank is Worst Bank Ever!”

agreed. Those maybank are blood sucking money ever…and they have no mercy at all…never help people or tolerate when other people have some least they still paid the amount..i have a issue with may bank too. They really have no mercy at all..i ve pay rm3780 for house loan and now they ask for rm6600..;THATS WAS SO RIDICULOUS!!!how can a person afford to pay so much…DAMN…I just delayed for few hour to bank in but they refuse to give a chance…I already make my EPF with my wife along as well…but they still not approved. What a retard bank…and all staff in maybank are lazy as cow. Ask them a question, they push here push there. Like they don’t bother the case.

Hi … having same problem but due to my credit card thy already auto deduct money from my account but yet they freeze my account, and asking me to do rayuan and after further deduct which mean no money in the account then only they will unfreeze my account. When i aksed what i and my kids should do meanwhile, no money for school or food they just say it’s their company protocol. Feeling damn they insist us to take the credit card and now it’s like pc of shit they r treatening me.

Any one can help, if not me n my kids will be gone with out any food or money to pay for their school.

Desperately need help.

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