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Maybank Adalah Syarikat Along!

The other day, I wrote how the bank forces me to pay all my debts. Guess, what? They did withdraw the whole RM917. Now I’m left dumbfounded looking at the remaining balance, it’s so little, I don’t think I’ll be able to move this month. I feel like crying. What a shitty bank.. I have virtually no money to spend for Raya.

You know the sad part is? I didn’t even give instruction to deduct my account! What a fucking moron! First they block, second they retrieve my money without my consent. I don’t ever recall telling them to contra the RM917. For all I know, I was begging on the phone for an alternative way around this. So I guess, Maybank has made their stance, so have I.

Ini bukan company lagi, ini syarikat Along!

I sent a complain through Maybank website, guess what? The form doesnt work! WTF? The form.

I went through the clause or agreement, it states:

Item 10.2 Upon the cancellation of the Credit Card or upon the revocation, suspension or restriction of the rights of the Cardholder or Supplementary Cardholder to use the Credit Card aforesaid, the Cardholder shall, upon demand by Maybank, settle his/her Credit Card Account in full or in part as required by Maybank.

It clearly states, in full or in part, Dont be a RETARD MAYBANK! and no where under the clause it says anything to do with blocking account. Is that even legal? Should I tie this thing to court?

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What should I do now? I guess sit at home since I don’t have any spare cash to use. Stupid Maybank!

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marah brader… hahaha… kire masih namak sopan sebab pakai bahase omputeh.. ace.. cube bagi aku plak mencarut pasal maybank kat blog aku.. muahaha.. mau berhingus Maybank nak bertapis kene maki kan.

pergh! settle hutang Ezypay kad kredit maybank wife aku tuh, aku suh dia terminate je kad tu. dah lama aku plan nak suh dia terminate. cuma Ezypay tu yg mengganggu. gila teruk Maybank. Takat ni aku puas hati dgn HSBC

Maybank sucks man. Kalau kau ada duit, baru dia jaga kau. tu pon dlm jaga2 kau, dia henjut interest rate tinggi. Lari la weh, tukar account lain. Kalau kampeni tu, pegi la refer international banks. Depa lagi baguih 60 juta kali daripada mebeng nih…

This is the problem with banks.
When you have a lot of money ,they will
come and wanting to lend you
more money.
But when you really need to
borrow money , they just won’t lend to

During sunny days when
you do not need an umbrella, they
will gladly lend you an umbrella
but when it starts to rain , they will
quickly take back the umbrella.

Yes, you were correct to point out that you can settle “in full or in part” as stated in the clause…

however, the clause doesn’t stop there… “in full or in part as required by Maybank.”

… “as required by Maybank”. This is their saving clause.

meaning, as shitty as it sounds, yes… it is up to the bank to allow you to pay full or in part.

well, looking at the clause per se, it’s too early to conclude anything.

however at the current stand, legally, they can force you to pay in full (as per stated in clause 10.2 – “upon demand by Maybank, settle his/her Credit Card Account in full or in part as required by Maybank.”)

but then again, try to look whether they can simply deduct money from your other savings account (the ones where your salary pumps in), since the ones in debt is the credit card.

They’ve already deducted my money, nothing much I can do. But according to Bank Negara, financial institutions aren’t allowed to withdraw money without consent. Sadly, I couldnt find clause or black and white for this matter.

The damage has already take it’s toll. As a consumer, I’m not satisfied. I will continuously bicker about this and let the public know how terrible Maybank is.

note: If its RM500 or below, I dont think I’d mind. But its close to a thousand and raya is coming.

Salam bro..
apapun byk2 bsabar,Allah sentiasa brsama org yg pn tkut bla jd kes cmni,lepas ni nk setelkan terus after withdraw duit dari EPF..

tips yg blum tntu blh pakai,cuba korg2 yg pakai kad MBB ni, nnt akaun utk gaji masuk tukar ke bank lain selain MBB ni..bukan apa,lain bank mebe dia xde kuasa nk block2 akaun kot..

actually… yes it happened..and without the acct holder consent.. and how they communicate with cust is not so good..but they said that they have the right to do so .. according to their clause bla3..

Nasihat aku 1 je. kalo nak amik kad dari maybank, boleh. tapi gaji atau simpanan pastikan simpan kat bank lain. nak lagi selamat, kalo gaji kuar kat bank A, pagi pagi tu gak, kau withdraw dan simpan bank lain. mana tau kan, kalo tak bank, payroll tempat kau keje pun boleh arahkan bank tarik gaji kau kalau ada apa2 hal.

Saya pun terkena pagi ni… Sedih yang amat sangat…. walaupun hanya RM230 yang diorang ambik tanpa consent, tapi itu aje lah duit yang saya ada untuk bulan ni, dengan suami masih tak dapat kerja…. sedihhhh… apa kami nak makan…. tak tau nak kata apa la, sedih sangat dgn tindakan syaitan Maybank ni…

Ya it was happen to me too, in year 2008. My housing loan, car loan, my credit card and salary all using maybank. The thing started when I was not been paid 1month salary by my previous company. that the reason i could’nt pay all may loan in that particular month.
After i moved to new company, on the following month, I cant draw my money, account been blocked for few days. They called me and told me that they will take all the pending amount with consent, total Rm3000. I was shocked. That the only money i have.. how Im going to survive for next 30days.. with 2kids

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