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Maxis10: The HTC Desire Z is Finally Mine and How to Apply?

First and foremost, thank you to Maxis for awarding me the HTC Desire Z which I have been reviewing all month of December 2010. Special thanks to AprilYim and FionaJitab for assisting me in everyway.

Maxis10: The HTC Desire Z is Finally Mine and How to Apply? 1

In my blogging affairs, I’d never thought I’d get anything apart from, improve English usage, meet new circle of geeks and most importantly, say the things that I wanted to say (I still have loads though). Some people write about tech, some life, their shopping spree (screams envy!), their pet bunny.. oppss. I choose to write something that bothers me at that moment. The surreal feeling when penning down thoughts and reading it 2 years later really gets me.

Any how, here’s a way to apply for #maxis10. Go to this App on Facebook, and click on Go To App. Key in everything as you please. Some tips for you, just do it once and when writing down, make sure you double or triple check your entry. It has to have the UMPH factor, not some lame duck (although I have to admit, some Maxis10 participants are drop dead boring, I literally drooled on my keyboard).

  • Nobody likes reading syok sendiri blog
  • Nobody would care about what gadget you’re drooling over
  • Keep Blogging, Facebook & Twitter updated
  • Be original in every way, even if you’re Mr. Bean
  • Don’t RT everything you think is funny. It’s lame.
  • Stop being LAME
  • Stop playing with your bunny and entertain your fiancée (hahaha)

Use this three imminent force. God willing, you’ll get it.

ps: I still have my last say for #maxis10 in the next posts ok?

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

10 replies on “Maxis10: The HTC Desire Z is Finally Mine and How to Apply?”

arghhhh why can’t you let your fiancée play with her bunny??? btw you’re the fiancé, I’m the fiancée. haih.

hmm… hmm I don’t wanna type so much, wanna play with my bunny. byebye.

I’m always pretending to be cool. but I’m not. that’s true. Prefer I’m not showing the “other me” because he was not cool. Keep him as a HISTORY.

tapi note ke2 akhir tu.. macam SIOT. hahah!!!

Muhd Edwin Nasripan?
I know your father’s name is wrong (I can accept since N is just beside M), but do you have Muhd?

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