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MasyaAllah/MashaAllah Misconception

A friend of mine is getting married. As he passes out his wedding invitations, I congratulated him with MasyaAllah. He looked at me, puzzled, as if I didn’t like the idea of marriage.

Thankfully, we had time for teh tarik. I explained to him in great length what it means and how it’s properly associated.

Mā šāʾ Allāh (ما شاء الله) is an Arabic phrase indicating appreciation for an aforementioned individual or event. Towards this, it is used as an expression of respect, while at the same time serving as a reminder that all accomplishments are so achieved by the will of God. The closest English translation is “God has willed it“, the present perfect tense of God’s will accentuating the essential Islamic doctrine of belief in fate. It is used to show joy and praise. It is said upon hearing good news. Another reason people use this phrase is to prevent the evil eye or jinxing. [wiki]

When I was in Makkah, a few Uzbeks asked of my origin. I said Malaysia and he prompted MasyaAllah.

I was puzzled myself. I know Malaysia is bad but definitely far from a cursed land. I browsed through my tafsir and realized, I have been using MasyaAllah for the opposite reasons (although it’s not wrong) all this while. I blame my forefathers for the misconceptions.

Feel free to convey these words to others.

ps: MasyaAllah is in Verse 7 of Al A’laa.

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Sesuai kalo ko tulis untuk Soleh.Net. :mrgreen:

Tambahan, insya-Allah juga sering disalah tafsirkan. Contoh:

A: Jemputlah ke rumah.
B: Insya-Allah.
A: Eh, ko jangan insya-Allah saje, kena datang tuuu!

Padahal perkataan insya-Allah itu sendiri sudah bermaksud aku janji, dengan izin Allah.

Bermakna kalau dah cakap Insya-Allah tapi sengaja tak datang, berdosa sebab mungkir janji.

Sekian tambahan pagi ini, wallahu a’lam.

ive been asked numerous times by my arab friends here pasai MasyaAllah nie..

apparently, i was told, everytime they mentioned this word when they were in Msia, most Msians would reply to that with confused looks

lol kesian kan derg? 🙂

Agree. Orang salah faham pasal insyaAllah. But on the other hand, InsyaAllah means – dengan izin Allah. Selalu kite insyaAllah bile dah 60% confirm nak datang. At least aku rase macam tu la.

:up: Saffa baru tahu pasal MasyaAllah tahun lepas. Itu pun masa amik subject Understanding Islam. Banyak sebenarnya yang orang tak faham pasal Arabic phase ni.. 😉
P/s: Belajarlah Bahasa Arab! 😆

Yes, I’ve encountered that numerous times and most of the times when I explained to my confused friends, they are genuinely surprised.

One time, a friend and I chanced upon an Arab friend of my mums, and upon hearing my name, the Arab lady says “MasyaAllah”. Later on my friend asked, “Is your name a cursed meaning or something?”.

salam, samala jugak macam inna lillah hi wa innalillah hirrajiunn, ramai yang silap bila ada yg meninggal sahaja ucap. padahal sebenarnya kalimah tersebut juga untuk sesuatu berita yg gempar dll.

alangkah baiknya kalau orang melayu memahami maksud sebenar ayat2 yang lazim kita lafazkan setiap hari.

mungkin ada yang masih jahil sehinggakan terpinga2 apabila ada yang melafazkan ayat2 tersebut yang pada mereka tidak kena pada tempatnya. walhal, itulah ayat yang seeloknya atau sesuai digunapakai. 😎

i learnt masya Allah is a praise when i was in aussie, talking to a bunch of lebenese.

it didn’t surprise me that we the look in their faces, it meant a good thing – they do it while smiling and with excitement usually.

but u my friend, explained it in detailed so thank you.

now i know why they smile when they say masya Allah. 🙂

Banyak yang confius bab ni sbb ia dah jadi adat pulak. Tp kalau kat pondok2, persantren atau pusat mendalami agama ini dah lama dipraktikkan, tiada yg janggal.

inna = sesungguhnya
lillah = li ialah ‘untuk’. add that with ‘Allah’ = lillah.

so innalillah saje = sesungguhnya untuk(kepada) Allah
gunalah dengan habis.

innalillah + wa inna ilaihi + rajiuun.
sesungguhnya untuk Allah + dan sesungguhnya kepada dia lah + kita kembali.

innalillahi rajiuun pon bole.

so true. i found out about the tru meaning of MasyaAllah while after joining an Islamic group online many years back. And up to now, I still hear people using it the wrong way.

Assalamualaikum wbt brother,

i was googling for this misconception and came across your entry 🙂 jazakallahu khairan for sharing this. i totally agree and er, used your post on my site 🙂 anyways…nice blog, masyaAllah! 😉

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