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Mari mari, Ubat Mujarab

It was my first time doing Friday prayers near office so I tagged along my peers. Like usual, mosques are flooded with people selling food, traditional medicine and religious materials. I had a lamb beriyani, super fattening and makes me sleepy.

Mari mari, Ubat Mujarab 1

Over at one corner, a man about my age lauded “ubat ini boleh sembuhkan kanser, kencing manis, darah tinggi, gaut, batu karang..“. He got me, so I stood there listening to his speech. I was actually looking for a flaw. I desperately want to see him fumble.

He went on and on about how effective the medicine is. Too me, it looked nothing more than like olive oil. Which we all know is good for health (also stated in the Quran). Until he paused. I quickly raised a question.

Ubat ini ada kelulusan Kementrian Kesihatan tak?” I asked.

He replied, “Buat ape nak ikut depa, depa bukan tau ini ubat baik“.

Again, he got me. This is one tough ego to crack. He’s so confident about the effectiveness of his product that he dissed others. Now, wearing exactly like a pious muslim, shouldn’t he be humble and not mislead others? This is where my wicked mind kicks in.

“Abang, kalau ade orang mati, sape tanggung?” Everyone in the crowd turned to me. I had a very good point. To some extend, I know I was being harsh. He’s trying to make a living and I’m denying his rights. But at the same time, I do not want others to be mislead.

“Mana ada orang mati makan ubat ni. Tak pernah dengar lagi. Lagipon, ajal maut kan di tangan Tuhan.” Nice come back, but still weak. Now, let’s crack the crowd, the air is a bit tensed, no thanks to my previous question.

Haaaa… ape kata abang beli insurance. Saya ade jual!“, I grinned.

The crowd laughed horribly loud. I left instantly. I never had any interest in buying, I only wanted to share my thoughts. And I think, I’ve succeeded. It’s up to the crowd to decide, whether an RM10 bottle could cure cancer is worth the try.

But seriously, RM 10 to cure cancer? If it was, he’d be featured as man on the century!

ps: Had fun playing golf today, now off to futsal 😉

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Somehow, this is a bit frustrating. People will go to any extent to seek help, in times of desperation. Even resorting to something as ridiculous as this.

When people ask my opinion about certain medications like this, ive always said “if its so effective, hospitals should have used it long before you are promoting to me now. Jimat duit dari beli ubat yang mahal2 tu”

Funny thing is, our people ni..usually go to doctor first when dpt penyakit, get prescription of medications, then go to other sources of therapy, get complications because too many medicines and lastly, end up coming back to hospital anyway(and yes, put any blame on doctors).

Ok panjang sgt ni.

Exactly! I couldn’t agree more with your points.

One of the common complication I’ve heard is when someone, let’s say twisted their ankle and went for massage. They should’ve x-ray beforehand. Now, what could be a minor fracture, is now extended to a larger problem. It’ll get worse if they tore the muscle. Poor thing.

He has northern accent. That’s very common, northern people tend to believe in mystical things more than the rest.

I always enjoy these tukang-ubats very much, especially when they bring along their albino python, king cobra, tarantula, or even to an extent of weird-looking lizard.


i dont think you should be that harsh to that man. relax laa.. there’s no need to raise a debate over a silly issue like that. and i think the crowd might as well know that rm10 bottle of ‘olive oil’ wont be able to cure cancer. biaq pi la penjuai ubat tu.. hehe. sorry if this sounds offensive.

I’m sure not many were convinced about the cure for cancer is just RM10. Just a pinch of reality. I bet no one has stumped on his toes before this, so I might as well do the honors 😉

ps: No worries, I don’t take any to heart 😉

sure ade yg igt ko tanye org tu jual ubat kuat ke tak kan? haha..bese ler tu..deme dulu kalo outing pekan minggu lemboh kualer tu kompem ade org ceramoh tentang obat2 kan? ngarut gak kengkadang..batu itam tu leh neutral kan air kotor la..mcm2 lagi..

payaj nak deal ngn org2 camni..mesti menang cakap punye…haha

weh.. tak baik dowh.. kesian pakcik tuh. haha dah cara dia mencarik rezeki dengan macam tuh. nak buat macam mane kan? ish ish ish… daripada dia mintak sedekah.. better lah dia melalut sorang sorang merepek abiskan air liur dia.

Note: My mother-in-law baru lepas abis KIMO stage 6. Seksa woo… sekarang ni tengah berehat kat kampung. Mane ade minyak angin bleh cure Cancer. i’ts a miracle la kalau boleh. Kalau boleh pon, dengan kuasa tuhan nak kebetulan macam tuh kan?

aku tau neh.. hang agak ade pakcik tuh ade jual minyak pacak kot??? hahaha… kate boleh corner-corner? erk.. welll…. hahaha no comment.

Kawin carik le calon cepat-cepat eddie, then you can prove it how to side corner or reverse parking ok! ngiahahaha~

Kesian? Dari die dapat rezeki dari menipu orang, di mana ia bole diragukan dan jatuh haram, pastu kasi anak beranak makan, lebih baik aku tegur. Kalau kau nak tau punca anak2 yang jadi tah ape2, asalnya dari makan dari rezeki haram.

They do that for living, bro. And trust me, I’m sure that they’ve been repeating the same speech thousands of times.

Another speech in a flee market won’t be a problem at all haha..

It’s interesting, that you’ve come to that conclusion.

Based on my short experience, no matter where do you reside, northern and whatnot, mystical beliefs are a norm around the community. It’s inherited throughout generations.

But that point on pets tagging along tukang ubat, i could not agree less. It’s just an attention gig, a side attraction. And mystical items, there’s worth of mention. You cannot expect people will not turned for an exhibit of mermaid’s bones or standing keris.

Yup, you can find these people all over Malaysia. Funnily, every time I saw one, there’s always a Northern accent.

Perhaps its easier to attract people with that rough Northern words and pronunciations.


inilah lumrah to earn.non of us know is that pakcik really r telling d truth about his product,but tak baik lah cara u tu,cam nak mengaibkan pakcik yg sedang cari rezeki je.lagi lagi nak gi sembahyang jumaat.tegur je lah senyap2.allah tak suke tu cam menyekat rezeki muslim sendiri esh esh esh

just found out yesterday.. ada sejenis pokok herba kat kampung saya sedang duduk skrg ni, yg boleh surutkan penyakit darah tinggi, kencing manis, sakit buah pinggang.. dan mmg dah ada yang penyakitnya berkurangan lepas minum air rebusan pokok “Penyambung Nyawa” tu.. skrg ni, doktor pesakit tu pun dah tanya pasal pokok tersebut.. kira cam pihak perubatan moden pun baru discover jugaklah nih.. 😛

but then, isu dia bukanlah pada pokok tu.. tapi semua ubat kepada penyakit di dunia ni, datang dari Allah.. apa alternatif kite nak guna untuk merawat penyakit, biarlah tidak menyekutukanNya.. dan kite redha dengan ketentuan takdir yang Allah telah tentukan..

p.s.: sape x nak ubat free? 😛

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