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You have probably read about it at MohdIsmail about ManggaTV (I did too). But what I find intriguing is the comments left by his visitors and one of them sounded like this,

really? but untuk ape? like manggatv ni.. sori tapi aku rase takperlu pon..dah wujud bende yg fully established like flickr n need clones la kan? ape beza pon nanti, versi malaysia/international? pls make/invent sumthing new.. am i right or am i right?

Let’s make this simple, if you don’t like it, don’t use it, why is there Malaysian Idol when American Idol is good enough? Same thing applies. It’s called, localization. Localization can be an important asset to running your own SEO program for your local companies if you are apart of a SEO reseller program. To put this in other terms, why did Google build Gmail when Hotmail and Yahoo!Mail is good enough to serve us? Literally all share the same concept, online email system. You think about features and usage, they think about market share & profit and some just couldn’t be bothered.

I was trying to get an interview with the developer, but their page doesn’t seem to be much of a help. So let’s just leave it there. The server resides in Malaysia at Jaring TPM, which is good, we can download stream the videos much faster, (at least that’s what I first thought). I played one of the video, hoping that it’ll be much faster than YouTube. I was wrong, it was more or less the same. This is probably due to server load and/or capped bandwidth.

While others are branding ManggaTV as a YouTube clone, many aspects of it isn’t. I see ManggaTV will attract more middle-class Malaysians with great ‘bargaining’ power. That’s good, big advertisers like Maxis, Celcom, Digi & TM needs this kind of exposure.

ManggaTV is using a solution from ClipShare. I had a go at the script once, but found out that it needs to run on a dedicated server. This script make use of (javascript library), prototype (javascript framework) and PHP. It runs on CentOS.

My advise;

  • remove the long trail url. It is not SEO friendly. You can start by looking at your .htaccess.
  • load balancing. Get another server to save the other, in other words, redundancy.
  • change the theme. It’s too girly.
  • fill in the blanks. Start with a contact page, it’s very, very important.
  • remove the branding (if ClipShare allows it).

I wish ManggaTV all the best in the future and hope that you will monitor the site for explicit contents. Keep up the good work. Below are some screenshots of ManggaTV.


ManggaTV belongs to Majalah Mangga itself.

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aku suka ni.bleh dpt semua video local.zul, walaupun dh berlalu4 bulan, nk download flash streaming movie ni byk cara. tp aku guna Orbit. dia bley grab semua streaming media kat IE/firefox/maxthon/opera..worth a try.

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