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Malaysian Petrol Price is Expensive

This is heck of a long post, read before you comment please.

Looking back at Anwar’s day from 1990 to 1998 as the Ministry of Finance. Our fuel price remained stagnant, RM 1.10 per liter. There was a time where the government increased by 3 cent, but eventually pushed back to its original price due to complains. Today, the oil price stood at RM1.92 per liter. I don’t want to praise Anwar for that matter, but he really did a good job.

There was one statement from KJ, fuel price should varies, depending on household income. Plain stupid or pure brainless? No I don’t think rich man will pay more for the same quality fuel the poor man is paying. This is no utopia, where everybody is warm and welcome, generous and transparent. I’ll give you a scenario, you go to a mamak stall, get yourself a roti canai and teh tarik. The guy who sits next to you is wearing a “washed” down cloth, while you on the other hand, like a gentlemen, prim and proper. The guy ordered the same thing. Once you’re done, your bill was RM1 higher than the guy. How does that make you feel? Silly of course! Heck, I won’t wear anything (except shorts) just to get a bargain and soon in the future, everyone will go topless. We’ll all look like orang asli.

Then comes Petronas. It was reported that Petronas made RM45.4 billion sales of crude oil from 192.4 million barrels. To whom these crude oil belongs to? Yes, you and me. Picture this, you stay with your siblings in a house full of antics. You brother and sister sells these antics but the profit never got to you. Some of the profit goes to the beautification of the house. Question, do you want to look good and be poor or look bad but rich? Neither is good. We want balance. So if Petronas gets richer, who/where does it go to?

“We are step daughters and sons”. Government tells us that, the price is already cheap compared to other nations, HELLLOOO, did you forget to multiply the cost-of-living ?

Let’s take UK for example, today’s fuel price is £0.990 per liter and the minimum wage is £5.52 per hour. Since we don’t have a minimum wage in Malaysia, I will assume the lowest pay will be RM3.50 per hour and fuel price of RM1.92 per liter. We’ll do some math with the lower ratio being bad/worst.

Minimum wage/fuel price liter.
UK – 5.757, Malaysia – 1.8229

We just took UK for example, and not other nations. If you round the figures above, we can see that UK’s buying power is 3 TIMES of ours. Now you get my point? Yet they still complain and we stood still, and say, “it’s ok-lah”.

Another thing I would like to point out is the crude oil trade. Let’s put this in durian term. We produce durian on seasonal basis and supply to other countries. Our durian (D24 grade) is priced roughly RM 10 per kg and UK’s price would be £3 per 100g. Do the math and you get about 19.4 times the price in Malaysia to enjoy the “king of fruits” in UK. It’s reasonable because;

  1. UK don’t produce durian, hence expensive logistics.
  2. We produce durian, hence cheaper logistics.
  3. We import from Thailand, competition keeps the price low.
  4. Hard to find durian in UK, demand is high, hence expensive.
  5. Easy to find durian in Malaysia, demand is average, introduce competitions hence cheaper.

It doesn’t make sense? Allow me to relate.

  1. UK don’t produce oil, hence expensive logistics etc but affordable than Malaysia and why?
  2. We produce oil, cheaper logistics, local refinery etc and export to other nations, highly priced. Good sales!
  3. We import from other 3rd world countries, refined and sold to citizens at a very high price, why? Can’t we contra from the sales made from export?
  4. Easy to find fuel in UK, demand is high but kept at affordable price.
  5. Easy to find fuel in Malaysia but expensive.

Did you catch my point? In short, somewhere along the process, we are being robbed of our own property. Be it the government, Petronas or any oil & gas company.

After reading this, do you think the government is fair? Do you feel slightly educated? Did I mislead you from the “Tak Apa” (“It’s OK”) attitude? If yes, I’m glad I did my part.

Can old folks live with their pension money afford these petrol rates? How about those living in rural areas, farmers or rubber tappers, earning RM1.20 per hour? Yes, I am against the Government (as a matter of fact, you should too!). What ever I’m fighting for, I’m doing it for the nation. If not for you, it’s for your kids. So think, act and react..

PS: I am an average Joe. I am unhappy about the fuel price in Malaysia. Shed some lights if I got any of these information wrong.

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The ministry just announced that all foreign registered vehicles will not be allowed to fill up their tanks in JB. I believe that the true intension behind this move was due to the ‘loss’ of Pedra Branca to Singapore and some smart a*** minister thinks that this is a perfect way of getting back to Singapore. How wrong they are!!!! There are few hundred thousand Malaysian who commute daily from JB to Singapore because of higher salaries as well as better opportunities. 99.9% of these people are Chinese and Indians. I seriously feel that this move would have been very much different if some Malays are affected by it. I’m not being racist or trying to create hatred but the truth is too plain for all to see. Pretty soon the business in the state of Johor will be effected and most of the shops in the shopping malls around JB will start closing down because Singaporeans would not be motivated enough to comedown to JB to do their shopping as it is only going to be more expensive. The hard truth is JB needs Singaporeans to survive. By stopping them from coming in, Malaysia just slapped itself in terms of potential revenue from tourism. The excuse of the Malaysian government is to stop the advantage that is given to its people from flowing to the foreigners. If the government is really interested in coming up with a fair system that is targeted in protecting its own people and hurting only the foreigners, why did they not take these people into consideration?
On the other hand, the government of Singapore would be more than happy to welcome this move as they would not have to bother about the 3/4 rule and the amount of profit that they will be making because a huge amount of Malaysians are forced to fill up in Singapore. Thats extra revenue for them. This shows how ‘wise’ our government is and I seriously think that it is time for total change in leadership!!!

Did you catch my point? In short, somewhere along the process, we are being robbed of our own property. Be it the government, Petronas or any oil & gas company.

What the heck you are talking about? i am not Carigali people responsible on e&p to give my stand, but you know what, ‘Petronas keja macam nak mati cari minyak, cari reserve other country lagi, mcm anjing kene perahkerja, bayar royalti lg dekat goverment’ .. 25% goverment money i assume come from Petronas tax&royalty (so know they paying your share rite?) .. they try to reward the staff by increasing the salary, but declined by goverment, reason due to may lead to salary distortion to the country like happenned around 90′. but the goverment employees enjoy latest increment.

please lah .. did you know MALAYSIA treats Petronas like MALAYSIA own personal ATM machine. yes they work for the nation, selfish nation i believe, utilizing the black gold for the benefit of nation. nation who cares on politic, not much on real mutual benefit.

Honestly, I’m glad Petronas is working their ass off. But so is Shell, Exxon etc. Everyone (in Oil & Gas) is working hard, paid royalties & taxes. So WTH?

Well, IF Malaysia treats Petronas like ATM, why oh why isn’t this information accessible to public?

I know for a fact, TM did ask DSHM for some pocket money. I’m just saying that these money doesn’t reach us as users.

Subsidy! Subsidy! Subsidy! What the heck? Average ppl crying for it, our government grumbling about it.

I don’t really understand at all? All that i know is fuel prices will still keep on going up. Why put the blame on subsidy? If we could have better public transportation to commute to/fro work, the dependency on fuel definitely will be reduced drastically, thus a saving of 20% -30% or higher, maybe. Traffic jams will be lesser and the amount of subsidy losses due to idling vehicles caught in jams. Guess, the top ppl need to do their own calculations, how much we save in terms of subsidy? Any jack’s will give us a definite answer and with this savings all this years we shall already have a public delivery system that can be on par with Singapore.
I guess our honorable YBs should try commuting on public buses for parliment sittings, to find out for themselves how enjoyable there are on a daily basis with our public delivery system. Naik bas, jammed sini, jammed sana. Naik Lrt, tunggu, tunggu,bus tak sampai. Naik teksi, tambang mahal. Naik keretapi, keretapi behind schedule. Tell us, what we could do. Drive, sajalah. Late arrival, nanti boss bilang productivity lost, pulak.

So, please, don’t blame on subsidy, just do something on our public transport system. The result are right in front of their own eyes. If we could save this 20% -30% usage, just tell me what are the amounts we are arriving at, in terms of subsidy given out and less oil usage.

Know why, durians are cheaper in Singapore, cos, “garanti masak”. :up:

We shouldn’t blame PETRONAS, this are beyond their controls. Furthermore, we should thank them for a well done job, by churning out black gold for us to share with all this years. Especially, their CEO, for all his hard work.

:down: :down: :down: really shit when thinking about the oil price… willing cycle and expose to sun also dun wan give the money into shit useless paklah pocket BN :down: next election 100 % waited to resign

Talking to the government is like talking to a brick wall. But instead of getting a “hello” as an echo, you get “reasons i should not say hello” in return as an echo.

I’m a Sabahan and i’ve studied and lived in KL for roughly 2 years during 1999-2001. I am now earning a leaving in my home town in Kota Kinabalu. I know the government have been virtually shouting at refining the public transport. But in comparing KL and KK, I find that the public transporation here in KK is supercalifragilisticly terrible(sorry to exagerate but those who’ve been here or living here should know).

Now with the super-price-hike of fuel, things have became more difficult. I’m not going to use statistics and such but purely from a view of a local resident of the state of Sabah. Hell, i won’t even go to the things which rural Sabahans are going through. I’ve been hearing the good and the bad of subsidies. OK~! Fair enough if all arguments are presumably true, YET, the fact remains Sabahans are way behind. Even a politician friend said that Sabah was the second poorest country in Malaysia (next to Kelantan) and were governed by BN and we even won them the election(in a way).

Back to the fuel hike, it’s already difficult on the salary side that most Sabahans are earning RM700 – RM1000 per month. Even with a degree, you’d be lucky to earn RM1500. I even have friends earning RM450 per month and he has a Diploma in Culinary Arts. Also we (who work) needs transportation, hence we buy a car (and kancil as the most probable transport solution). Earning that small amount and coping with the sudden hike of the oil price is really depressing and I do think Sabahan really feel this(if not, they wouldnt cue up from 6:30pm for fuel after the announcement). I am personally hurt myself. Maybe it’s true that the richer will get richer and the poor will get poorer.

If the plight of the people(not only Sabahans but Malaysians as a whole) is falling on deaf ears, then i think it’s time to voice our plight to “new ears”. I personally fell aggitated, aggrieved, mad, and etc at the sight of the picture our our “beloved” PM on the news today. If ensuring a rich goverment is his motive, why on earth did we put him in power for? If a new mechanism or a new scheme is not derived to meet the needs of the needy, then “Bye Bye”~!

The things i’ve said here are of my personal views. I can’t think of a reason why we are not been taken care for. Really sad and depressing. Petronas, the government, and etc. If they took and compiled all those seconds, minutes and hour they used to talk about how “cheap” our fuel is compared to other countries and used it to help the people in anyway, i’m sure there are smiling faces out there (even if there were only 10). Now they have a whole nation showing the mid finger to them.

Thanks for reading my plight.

Apparently, what you mentioned is damn right…
and dude, now is RM2.7o per litre…
worse case is august onwards, the last subsidy RM0.30 will be totally cut off…
what will be next? LoL

for my understanding, government like to compare to the singapore…always tell the malaysian we are still cheaper than singapore….but they never consider about the salary in singapore….sad !!!! excatly same to malaysia if RM 1 to SGD 1….example….vios in SG only sale for SGD 50k +, Malaysia RM 80k +…..government never used thier brain before make this kind of the statement …..not mistaken Petronas is belongs to someone which have the special relationship……but what we can do !!!!!! pity all malaysian

[…] There are question marks on oil prices in Malaysia though. IHT says that Malaysia actually benefits from the global rise of oil prices. However, a chat with a friend of mine who works in Petronas explained to me that we export crude oil, and we import the refined oil. At the end of the day, we even out — but only for some time. As always, there are opposing views. […]

From a consumer’s point of view, with the abolishment of the subsidiy (The last rm0.30), we have to expect something in return that could curb other prices from spiraling out of order. Like i’ve said, an average Sabahan-Joe is earning mostly just around rm1000 per month and with the fuel price hike, we hardly feel any justice.

Eating at home or out doesn’t even count much either so something should be done on food prices even though it is agreeable that “world-food-price” is growing. Just hours ago, I went to have brunch at a chinese shop which i regularly have something to eat. Barely 12 hours after fuel hike, rice price already up by 50 cents. Prices of cigarettes, rubber products, home-needies would soon follow yet our “salary” is stagnant. Even my bank account would start growing spiderwebs virtually.

If no one does, then i’ll be the first to feel sorry for all of us. To compare our RM paper to the superior Pound sterling, Euro and Dollars (Brunei and Singapore Dollar even) is absurd. I really am behind those who posted that somehow, our salary structure SHOULD be reviewed, not only for those government servent but also YOU and I (private sectors). Imagine if your company is not making business and plus this fuel price issue and you’re the only child of a somewhat modest family. Pityful. I might end up selling my parents on ebay (that was a joke. I would never do that).

Anyway, complaining, researching, gossiping, presuming, and such will do nothing but please ourselves. We need to be heard but how? I KNOW for a fact that talking to your ADUN or MP is hopeless. They can’t even give you decent roads (in Sabah) or streetlights that work(except they built it near or INSIDE THEIR compound). If we rally or make public comments, it’s either jail or ISA. If we boycott the oil, we can’t work hence cannot earn.

Difficulties my dear comrades. If only God was controlling the oil price, he’d let us fill our cars in return for faith. Just something we don’t have with the current gov.

Just my point of view .

Agree!!! Agree!!!! Good one!! Our pay in malaysia sucks so how r we goin to pay for everything TAT IS RISING when our pay is e only one tat remains e same?? SO STOP COMPARING US TO SPORE!! SALARY IN SPORE IS MUCH MUCH MUCH HIGHER!!! THINK THEY SHOULD TRY N KEJA KAT SPORE BARU TAU!!! OTHERWISE SHUT UP!!! After increasing the fuel price now THEY R GONNA INCREASE THE PRICE OF ELECTRICITY!!! Wonder wat is OUR SO CALLED “WISE LEADER” DOIN??? Planning to take another WIFE IZZIT?? No wonder they have this saying SUPPORT BN=SUPPORT BARANG NAIK!!! Weird but there r RETARDED ASSHOLES leaving their comments.. 😆

In terms of the supply of electricity, I don’t know about the supply lines in Peninsular Malaysia, but here in Sabah, some places still experience power cuts and black-outs on a regular basis. So by the looks of it, not only the conditions now will promote people here in the state to walk on foot but also pay more for being in the dark all the time?

Great, next why not thirst the people to death, then slowly proceed to starvation. It would greatly reduce the amount of population and it’s cheap. No one will be trialed for genocide, thus more “economic growth” at the expense of the population of Malaysia.

The scenario is, i know, very unlikely but that is my personal feeling. It’s not accompanied by facts but that is what the all mighty government making me feel. I am sure some might feel the same way, give and take some more pain in the butt. Some might say i’m over-reacting or being to emo, but earning little can make you feel that way and i cannot imagine about those who earn much more lesser than me.

Those who gives advice that one should remember there was a time when there were hardship, eating “ubi kayu” and such. I know those were hard times but all have worked so hard to come to the conditions that we have today. Why should we revert to the old ways?

Just my point of view

Correct, correct but how 2 react? we all civilised and so no demo like neighboring Indonesia, Belgium ….
Now can’t go watch my favorite movie. Very soon lights off before and after movie comes on. Tats the logic if want 2 save costs. Some more if u go 6.00 p.m show, less than 10 patrons. Waste electricity and petrol again. Shows cancelled. Why dont we all make the country stand still for ONE day. Want 2 try?

moviemania’s last blog post..The 6-km city

psal keuntungan PETRONAS berbillion tu,spttnya dibentangkn di prlimen,so smua rkyat leh nmpk kemana perginya duit berbilion2 y PTRNAS dpt,smaada msuk paklah pnya poket or pergi ke projek2 di m’sia.sbb Paklah sorg ja y kontrol duit PERTRONAS.

lg 1,projek2 y disponsor oleh PTRNAS ni smuanya xda faedah lgsng kpd rakyat.cnth:Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.RM3.5 juta sebulan dperlukan utk mmbyari MPO ni.
cnth2 len:
i. Membail-outkan Bank Bumiputra (kini CIMB) dua kali bernilai RM4.86 billion akibat pengurusan bank tidak ada integriti salah urus dan melonggarkan syarat-syarat pemberian pinjaman yang besar kepada kroni-kroni yang tidak dibayar balik pinjaman

ii. Membeli bon kerajaan sendiri bernilai RM3.8 billion.

iii. Membina gelanggang Formula 1 berharga RM286 juta dan setiap kali ada perlumbaan Petronas akan menjadi hostnya berbillion ringgit dikeluarkan.

iv. Beli HICOM (Proton) berharga RM999.4 juta dan selesaikan hutang RM1,299.6 juta.

v. Membangunkan Putrajaya dan MSC berharga RM22 billion

vi. Bail-out MAS sebanyak RM668.8 juta

vii. Penubuhan Dana Harta sebagai modal permulaan sebanyak RM4.56 billion

viii. Membina KLCC berharga RM1.8 billion. Maintenance sebulan bernilai RM95,000.00, setahun sudah menjadi RM108 juta

ix.Membina KLIA sebanyak RM9 billion, peruntukan tahunan sebanyak RM900 juta.

Semua yang berlaku ini dilihat hanya untuk menyelamatkan dan mengkaya pemimpin semata-mata termasuk mengekalkan kuasa yang sedia ada..

Dear MPs who we dearly voted for. You are our eyes and ears and brains in the government. Did the cat catch your tongue? Did the view of cash has blinded you and made you lost your sense of thinking?

It’s been 3 days since the infamous “fuel price hike” yet you all have suddenly disappeared. We understand that you CAN afford the fuel but what about those who voted for you? It seems like only the opposition is doing all the door-banging. Food is already so expensive, now after the price hike, i know it would grow more higher yet the amount stated on my payslip remains the same.

Every death, hardship, lost of jobs, depressions which is caused by fuel hike , the blood will be in your hands. Some still may afford but please gather your support for those with very low income; rural folks especially. Never forget that they are Malaysians too, just like you and me.

All the excuses given by the government, and also friends who i know are in support of these fuel hike, please don’t neglect others. You may not know them, but they are equal in citizenship, rights and above all in the eyes of God. Just put yourselves in their shoe and you will understand how the show will smell.

Just my view

Robin Hood’s last blog post..Victims of economic growth

All prices are approximate prices as on 3 June 08
Following is the list of Nations paying for Petrol.

First let us take a look bout this chart
UAE– RM1.19/litre
Eygpt– RM1.03/litre
Bahrain– RM0.87/litre
Qatar– RM0.68/litre
Kuwait– RM0.67/litre
Saudi Arabia– RM0.38/litre
Iran– RM0.35/litre
Nigeria– RM0.32/litre
Turkmenistan– RM0.25/litre
Venezuela– RM0.16/litre
China- RM2.35/litre
Brunei- RM1.20/litre
MALAYSIA– RM2.70/litre

Second Let us check bout this
Country GDP – per capita ($)
Hong Kong – 36,500
Malaysia – 12,700
Iran – 8,900
Venezuala – 6,900

Third let us check this out
Premium Unleaded petrol price in
Hong Kong is : Rs 84.10 per litre = RM 8.94 per litre
MALAYSIA is : Rs 25.40 per litre = RM 2.70 per litre

Say the GDP between Malaysia and Hong Kong is 1 : 2.87
Meaning RM 2.70 : RM 8.94/2.87
= RM 2.70 : RM 3.11

1.Turkey : Rs 113.30 per litre
2.Norway (Oslo) : Rs 112 per litre
3. United Kingdom: Rs 95.50 per litre
4. Hong Kong : Rs 84.10 per litre

Hong Kong is now the world top four cosliest petrol consumer. Malaysia is one of the petrol producer and yet it is having a rate that almost same like Hong Kong.

I really hv no more words to say bout Malaysia but in sorrows, pains and suffering and I can only wish this country a very GOOD LUCK!!!

Ya, good posting……………..

One thing I agreed the most is our nation are oil producer . This sources should be share between all of us ( ALL MALAYSIAN ). But , where is the profits goes?

Previously we learn in our secondary GEOGRAPHIC reference book, states that we gain big profit from petroleum as it has high and excellent quality. Correspondent of this, we import the cheaper quality for our own uses. From that, PETRONAS GAIN big profits….

BUT still wonder why the nation still will affected by the market oil price!………


It is said that the profits that they own now is for our next generation (Oh what a sweet talk). Since the peoples are dying now so how can they consider for our next generation. For me it is all COW-SENSE.

yeap that’s rite.. i always thought its unfair to private sectors.. only gov sector got every thing..

increase price minyak cepat aje.. but when asked for minimum wages byk la dia punya alasan..

From the passed time, if we look on the expenditure of our government. For examples, send our first astronaut to the space, built the first class airport, and the most important….Our beloved Prime Minister Abdullah private ship……… …… …. … .. .. .. .. .

Can we as a citizen of Malaysia understand why our nation all this thing? Why we send the first astronaut to the space since the nation space tech. yet not reach sophisticate status? Wat can 1 Billion do? For us it mean alots. But, for the government, just an amount !!!

Why we built the first class airport? Is that to show everyone around the world that we are reach?

One more thing, the ship belongs to Prime Minister, can somebody explain the ship story belong to Pak Lah?………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Built the South-North Highway for example, there are big amount of monies spend by government on this project, but after ther PLUS independent, wat the hell the PLUS do, is to raise the toll fees? or something internal that hidden from all of us!..

Actually, I dunno why I will talk like this, eventhough wat i want to express myself actually……………………………………………………..
just haiz……………….

Dear friend,

Days and weeks have gone by since the rise of fuel prices here in Malaysia. I’m now really feeling the pressure of the fuel hike as my salary will NOT be reviewed by my employer. As part of the working Sabahan community and a proud owner of the citizenship of Malaysia, I am grieving.

Talk in town is that MOST is against the fuel hike and how it has affected their livelihood. These people (who some are good friends of mine) have had to fork out more in regards to traveling expenses. These people mostly earn a mere RM900 per month, paying RM300 for their Kancil or even RM500 for Kelisa and the rest for bills, household, etc. You must be thinking, “Why buy a car in the first place when they cannot afford?” Well, the main cause would be the embarrasing state of our public transport and also their safety. Dear readers, please understand, some places in Kota Kinabalu, when you reach your destination or waiting for a bus, you either get mugged, harassed by certain characters (if you’re not a guy) and etc. Some buses even when you take a ride on them, it is equivalent to being on a passenger side of a F1 car during a race. That my dear friends are “Sabah Public Transport”. I would also like to point out though this might not happen everyday (except F1-driving buses) , when it does, would you like it to happen to you? Definitely no, hence it’s supposed to be safer driving your own car. But then again, the safety of your wallet will be in jeopardy.

How bout those who can afford? I have those type of friend also which agrees with the fuel hike. I understand that they think it’s wise as it is good for our Malaysian Economy. I also in part agree in this but why do the people need to be in poverty when the country is rich? Does maximizing our country’s gains means we need to eat sub-standard rice? (which also cost you) or we need to grow our own chili in our backyard just to have a taste if it? (if you can afford a backyard). It’s a condition chalked up by veteran politician in Sabah who recently released a statement of telling us Sabahans that we are plummeting towards “being poor people in a rich state”.

How about the RM625 that was handed out to cushion the fuel price hike? Honestly tell me dear reader, did it actually help you? I serviced my car and change tyres the other day and, well, let’s just say i had to pay more than “RM625” (some parts had to be changed as I travel alot), hence now i’m thinking on how to fill up my fuel to go to work. Did I mis-manage my cash? How about you? What did you do with the RM625? You might say, “the goverment is trying to help”, but I as a regular Sabahan-Joe feel that it did not actually help. Well, it did in the present but how bout the long run?Do i need to wait everytime i renew my roadtax to service my car when most of my cash goes to my fuel tank?

Although what i have typed does not reflect 100% views of Sabahans, those with income as low as mine will agree and believe me, there are ALOT of people in Sabah who are along the poverty line (earning below RM600 and are mostly rural folks) and this is the FACT as Sabah is among the top 2 poorest state in Malaysia.

I am sorry that i didn’t mention the struggles of my countrymen in the Semenanjung in terms of the recent fuel hike but I know the pain we endure here in Sabah is also your felt by you. Let’s put our heads together and do the right thing. I don’t have to say what that is but i know you understand.

Just my point of view.

RobinHood’s last blog post..The 20 Points of Sabah

i truly agreed with u.. petronas was listed as number 8th the most profitable company in the world… think abt it la ppl…

they did not realize that they need to apply the economic basics to maximize users’ satisfaction.

they should show the statistics, demand and supply figures. bring the numbers from the digging until the oil gets into the car.

The difference between Petronas and other O&G companies like Shell, Exxon (as you pointed out here) is that:
1) Petronas workers work their asses off but are paid peanuts..other O&G companies are paid many times higher – even O&G service provider companies like Halliburton, Schlumberger are much2 more kaya-raya compared to Petronas’ employees. It is common knowledge that Petronas employees are among the lowest paid in O&G industry.
2) Do Shell & Exxon etc. get pressurised like this from people of their own original country?Remember they too started as national/state petroleum companies in their own area before they branched out internationally, like what Petronas is doing now. But I don’t think that they ever need to face all these accusations/condemnations etc.Basically it seems Petronas can’t seem to do anything right….even with good result pun still kena bashing lagi. Eventhough dah contribute a lot pun still kena bash jugak lagi.

Remember, Petronas’ success today is emphasised with the success it has in the overseas venture, and in that sense it has closing in the gap with the older, bigger, more successful O&G companies. And if say any of u wanna argue that “Oh Petronas of cozlah success sebab amik minyak dr Malaysia” then get this: Petronas’ overseas venture is so successful that it accounts more than 40% of the group’s total revenue in year 2007. Also internationally Petronas face off with other O&G companies to get contract from foreign’s a level playing field there OK .

And in this industry, the competition is so tight that any info/secret that may be leaked (with all these ‘more details on EVERYTHING’) will cause any company to lose its competitive edge. Kinda like if you own a nasi lemak stall and u r so successful due to ur strategy (e.g. crispier ikan bilis, sweeter sambal, fresher supply of coconut milk etc.), then suddenly u have to disclose all down to the very last cents..surely all your competitors will close in for the kill, right? It’s not as if Petronas is losing money…why there’s no call for Proton, MAS or other GLCs to disclose all? They certainly need to answer few critical questions to us.
Isn’t it ironic….the more success you have, the more you contribute, but yet the more you get bashed. Typically Malaysian….

Let’s be transparent here.

I work for Schlumberger, Wireline Department, the highest profit gainer among other departments in Schlumberger.

My wife is an engineer for Petronas Carigali, the most prfitable and richest division of Petronas subsidiaries.

2007, Petronas paid 77% of its benefit to Government, as contracted in mutual agreement since they first started cari and gali in Malaysia. Tell me, how much is 77% from a RM100 Billion? To top that up, they also paid tax and bonus, also to the Government. And the other 23%? They need that for the employee bonuses, business expansion as well as further RND.

So we shouldn’t put the blame on Petronas at all actually. They did their part well. The only blame on them is for their employees yang berlagak nak mampus bila kerja ngan Petronas. I’ve met too many Malays (particularly) who work with Petronas and they just couldn’t keep their ass thin to hold a position in Petronas. I call them ‘Melayu Bodoh’. Not trying to be a racist as I am a Malay as well.

Monthly, I gain nearly tripple the wage of my wife, as a proof that Schlumberger does pay a lot to its employees, comparing to the cheapskate Petronas. Petronas is actually more than capable to pay that kind of salary, but they refuse to since the have take care the sentiment of citizenship in Malaysia. Cuba bayangkan, time minyak mahal nak mampus kat negara nih, and pekerja Petronas gaji berlambak-lambak? Dah tentu dah orang Melayu dengki, and of course those bashers will get back to Petronas.

Shit, I want to write more, but suddenly idea lari…sejuk sangat kot bilik nih….nanti aku sambung…


Anyway, I wanted to emphasize on Minimum wage and spending power. Not so much on Petronas.

Come on lah, we both know Petronas if far behind compared to other O&G (HSE, Corporate Governance, Transparency etc.)

Ini la die orang kite, kene questioned skit, terus melenting. Read between the lines,.. please. Prove me you are smart.

(skis, I know you are smart, tp aku malas nak comment orang2 lain sekali)

ps: You’re right about the Melayu Bodoh. I’ve met tonnes too. Hambur supplier mcm gile. Die tak tau plak BOD die tu slalu pat my back.

that’s a lot of comments but since world petrol prices are down i suggest that the goverment should also reduce it’s prices. Althought Im a singaporean, I support malaysia more. Anwar for Prime Minister and fuck singapore!

easy to talk only. like the way increase is fine but dun always follow other country currency rate. that mean our petrol in malaysia cheap but the ciziten can not support their style living… if wan to compare can we also need to compare with other country salary rate.. example like singapore is double rate so $900 that mean our money is RM1800.. they can afford it. how about us eat also have problem why because the food very expensive. but they can still survive. example like they can having their MC D just one set is below than $8 but our country must spend more than RM 8.. so i hope when do it must think first

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