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Malaysian Bans Indian & Bangla Workers!


The full article can be found at reuters website.

I was just wondering, how are we going to cope with the absence of these immigrants? More from Indonesia or the locals are going to do manual labor? I know, we’ll just let unemployed graduates to fill this in gap. Silly?

I once worked earnestly at a local mega store, carrying heavy stocks is part of the duty. My colleagues was either a Bangla, Indon or Indian. I eventually quit due back ache and sprained muscle. Most of the local told me it is a degrading job although at the end of the day, we received the same amount as a cash register. Who cares, I just wanted to work out while working.

Why did I take the job? I wanted to learn the hard way (having learned that my grand-dad was a sweeper). If I wasn’t born in a Silver-spoon-fed family, I will be doing these chores. How awfully tiring and demotivating.

The ban implies to India and Bangladesh. The Gov will not entertained permits renewal. Do you think this is a right call by the gov? What about skilled IT personnel from INDIA? All those MSC Company staff can ciau la? So let me rephrase my question, ARE WE RACIST or THOUGHTLESS?

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9 replies on “Malaysian Bans Indian & Bangla Workers!”

i read that it’s only for hotel frontliners and airport staff je, since these people deal with tourists a lot. doesn’t say anything about all foreign workers from india and bangla pon. if that is true, persatuan mamak tuh sah2 dh melenting since they employ mostly india indians. i believe reuters is just taking the issue out of context, or is it me who is less informed?

this will not be a very wise act but.. in other way nak jugak jaga hati orang malaysia sendirikan.. if orang malaysia sendiri dok protest x happy la macam2 la.. kucar kacir malaysia nanti

aku penah kerja cuci pinggan..honestly. tapi aku tak rasa degrading myself since aku carik rezeki halal. aku tanya ramai org…org2 kita la..melayu…takde sape yg suka kerja aku buat tu…tapi aku tak kesah.

Orang malaysia nak cuci pinggan ?? hm.. aku rase kalau cuci pinggan kat kedai bangsa sendiri maybe la ok lagi.
nak cuci pinggan kedai mamak ?? ade ke ?

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