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Malaysia Bodoh!

Malaysia Boleh Bodoh! You probably think I’m being silly, well maybe I am. But that’s the way I see it and by Malaysia, I meant the leaders. Read the article below.


This is the way Michael Backman (an Australian Business Journalist) perceived our country. To me, he’s stating the obvious. Shame? Yeah, shame on you and me.

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hi, we are 3 students in malaysia. we rented an apartment in cyberjaya crecent 1, by owner ABDUL RAHMAN ic nr 353100, phone nr : 0199585955. first wen we rented he wanted 6000 rm as deposit, we could only afford 3000 rm, so we paid that first, and he agreed. whe should pay the rest 2 months later, but 3 weeks later he wanted atleast 1500 rm, so i manage to give him, that. our contract was 1500 rm pr month. then a week later he wanted to raise the fees to 1700 rm, we cant afford, so we wanted to move, he breached contract and we had right to get money back. now we move, he still not give money back. we call him he only say call police. but why, police not give us money. he is a pencuri. please call or sms him, just say give deposit back, he will understand. the more people do this is much help. thank you everyone.

One Malaysia also stupid because…
for Bumiputra different loan rate and
Non-Bumi different rate, house, School exam marks and other other and other.
So how to said ONE MALAYSIA ha ha ha ha ha…….

NON BUMIPUTERA is from different country ohh .. malay is BUMIPUTERA .. so whts the problem here ?? if u dnt like to stay in malaysia just move away .. wink ..

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