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Makan Free, Ada Katil, Lebih Baik Duduk Hospital

A doctor friend of mine posted this on the group’s wall.

Makan Free, Ada Katil, Lebih Baik Duduk Hospital 1

Definitely something to think about. Should we blame the government for not giving him aid? Is he too lazy to keep a job? Is he in between jobs? Is he a drug addict? Was the government fair in lending help to this man? I don’t know.

Despite a moron, I do feel pity. I wish I could help. But the question is, is he willing to help himself?

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what makes u feel pity on him/her? he has been discharged from the ward, which means he is healthy now. so he should work to earn a living, no? masalah ape agaknya sampai mahu masuk ward semula. he’s old kot?

kalau kurang upaya / memang x mampu sangat, memanglah patut ditolong.. tapi kalau dah sihat.. carilah kerja. yang di rancangan Bersamamu tu pun dia kurang upaya.. tapi masih berusaha sendiri untuk hidup.

Hahaha. Brings back old memories. I saw A LOT of similar cases among homeless drug addicts but they were much more subtle. They knew how to fake the symptoms. Then they ran away once they felt the need to get their fixes.

On a smaller scale, there are sooooooo many well-to-do people who refuse to pay for their own medications… Instead they prefer to go to the outpatient departments and emergency department of hospitals (sometimes at 3-4am) because they only have to pay RM1 for their fever/ cough/ flu medications but had to make a huge issue about the waiting time. Too bad for them (and the doctors) that a HUGE group of people share the same mentality… so wait they have to do.

Don’t even get me started on the outrageous demands that this group of people have been making.

Ok more news, he’s young, HIV positive and disowned by the family. I pity because I have a good life, good education (I’m thankful for that) but the opposite for him. But naturally, I feel pity quite often, especially when watching Malay drama and how shallow it can be. Hahaha

HAHAHAHA! When I was in boarding school, I used to wait for a veeeerrrrryyyyyy long time because the doc in charge wasn’t around. When you have a cold/flu, 1 minute feels like one hour. I didn’t remember how long I had to wait. But I had no choice, to get medicine, I’d need to see the doc. It was the most excruciating wait ever.

Well, we bitch because we had to actually use the remaining energy to sit up straight when actually we could’ve been home sleeping. Though not a matter of life and death, I’m sure you’re pissed at about anything when shit is not flowing your way.

ps: How are you? It’s been a while since you left a comment here 😉

memang la kesian kat orang yang really ill and kena tunggu lama to see the doctor.

yang tensionnya orang2 yg gaji besar2 (siap berlagak about their political connections lagi) tapi tak reti gi 7-eleven beli panadol untuk anak demam or diri sendiri sakit kepala. yang memang follow up for hypertension/ diabetes kat PRIVATE hospital pun datang gomen hosp to get medications bila supply diorang habis or bawak tak cukup time outstation. boleh je beli kat farmasi sebab diorg tau what exactly they’re on.

pastu bising sebab they have to wait for a long time in the EMERGENCY department. these people are blatantly misusing the department. kesian gile tengok orang yang lebih memerlukan attention.

Saja je senyap. Nak jadi silent stalker. hahaha. I’m in Perak now. kena buang daerah dah. lol. enjoying the fruit season in the district (i.e. free fruits from the patients). 😀

Gile best makan durian hari2! Hehehe

In your case I understand. I have a few friends, dtg hospital demand itu ini, ckp bapak die dato’ laa etc. Look, if you have the money, go elsewhere. But I normally use the company’s insurance medical card. Almost free and mintak doc ubat mahal2. Bukan nak makan, saje buat spare in case migrane terlampau. Hahaha.

Very good silent stalker.

Yes, I pity him too. But from the description you gave about him, hospital is not where he belongs. Not because he is ‘healthy’ and don’t need medical attention (wait, are you kidding? he’s HIV positive!), but medicine is really the least he needs now.

He needs guidance. He can’t tell because he probably had not made decisions for himself for a long time.

If we really want to lend him a helping hand, a rehab center is where we should guide him to.

And I would start with PENGASIH.

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