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Lose 10kg In 30 Days

If it taste good, spit it out
This may come to you as bragging, but hey, I don’t care.

My weight watch in 2007;

I was about 77kg and lost 12 kg in 1 months (to 65kg). I needed to lose weight so I can run faster and lower the risk of ruining my knees (due to intense change of pace). Almost every part of my body shrunk. My waist was 36 inch and down to 31 inch.

First and foremost, an immense amount of determination is required. If you are half-hearted and impatient , just stay away, be fat and shut up about it . I can safely say, you’ll see the results in 1 months. Get a partner and lose weight together.

Did I say 10kg? Well, I meant any amount of kg, as long as you do it right. If you’re categorized as obese, you’d lose a lot more.

Eating rice is a sin. Rice is a necessity for Malaysian. Not many can survive a day without rice. Rice is the biggest contributor of carbohydrate in our routine meals. In this diet, you are forbid to eat rice and other derivatives of rice, like mee hoon etc. You can also get some diet pills that work for men. For better results, skip any food which contains carbohydrate.

Sugar is also a sin. It’s almost impossible to avoid sugar in our daily lives. When you’re out with your friends, drink plain tea (no sugar or milk). Also no snack and tit-bits at all time.

No Oil and Fast Food. Stay away from deep-fry dishes or anything that requires oil. Your meal must be boiled, grilled or steamed. Yeah, also no fast food, they contain tonnes of oils.

Eating right. Remember, eating right is the key to losing weight. There is 5 meals a day, breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper. Don’t ever skip any.

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Exercise (optional). Burn more fat while you’re at it. Jog for 15-30 minutes. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk a lot more than often. Public transport helps too.

What to eat? Anything that contains protein but be sure to limit the amount of consumption. E.g. it’d be close to stupid if you had a whole chicken for lunch. Drink a lot of plain mineral water.

My personal diet.

  • Breakfast – 2 half boiled eggs or oat cereal. Low fat milk
  • Lunch – Vegetable or salad. Mineral water.
  • Tea -Half can of tuna or oat meal.
  • Dinner – Alternate between grilled beef, fish and chicken
  • Supper -The other half of tuna or oat meal.

After a few months of dieting, my weight went down to 59kg. I was so frigging skinny and decided to gain back a few kilo to 64kg. Perfect BMI (body mass index)

I did it, so can you.

ps: lose weight and you can save petrol too!  ➡

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

58 replies on “Lose 10kg In 30 Days”

tahniah! another success dieter. 🙂

my metabolism level is high (rasanya lah). i eat almost every 30 seconds. Never skip my heavy meal. But sigh, still couldnt get my ideal weight which is 45kg. 🙁
should i consider myself lucky?

did you still maintain that diet?

simple but still managed to fulfill your daily dose of energy. and besides losing weight, you can stay healthy. nice.

if I did all of the above, god knows how skinny i’ll be. i consider myself lucky because no matter how much or what I eat, I weight only 40-42kg at 19 years of age.

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Losing weight is a life-long project, not just for few months. And it will be very tiring if you have to cut off those “sins”. I agree with all the things you pinpointed in this post and I believe it works. :up:

That’s for the diet part. I still encourage some physical exercise for long term. We can’t take food without oil, sugar, and other tasty but fat-causing food, for the rest of our lives. Just imagine you gonna eat nutritious and healthy food (normally not tasty as those deep fried or sweet snacks) and stay away from those yummy-licious food for the rest of your will be so bored then. 😯

The key is, pampered yourself once in a while with some appetizing food and remember to do exercise regularly. 🙂

I lost weight but I still have an “oustanding” tummy (as if I’m pregnant, you see). Dieting alone is not enough for me anymore. So I bought an exercise ball and workout everyday (even though it just takes few minutes per day).

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Drafted since 2007? LOL

I know that skipping the rice works teamed with drinking lots of plain water works! But in my case, I tend to skip meals a lot … especially breakfast since I tend to snooze the alarm and sleep a little while longer! 😛 Most of the time I only manage to take my lunch and dinner…

melbie’s last blog post..Day 1 in Jakarta – Part I

adeh… aku baru jer posted ayam goreng at my blog. hmm.. i am gaining a lot for the past 2-3 months.. i’ll be damned if keep going at this rate. yes, you did it, so i can too.. mind over matters.. 😀 😀 shall bring it down from 74kg now to 65-68kg. note to self: stop procrastinating and go do some farking sexerciseexercise.. 🙄

Well, when you’re close to your desired weight, you can maintain the diet, as long as you add proper amount of carbohydrate.

I’m sorry I beg to differ, losing weight shouldn’t take a lifetime, dietary is. Eat right, exercise regularly and quit smoking, that might help.

I have a book called ’10 minutes for tum & bum’. Love it, shrunk my ass and excessive tummy 😉

:up: nice tips… but mesti consistent kan? i kejap gemok kejap slim.. haih… seriously tak dapat say no to makanan at all… kejap gi swim, kejap lari pastu the next day tido for the whole day and makan! makanan is everywhere..

oh suddenly rs best jadi rakyat malaysia. kaya dgn makanan berlemak-lemak.. hihi 😛

Wow, that’s a strict diet. I’m also currently on a diet, but an ‘organic’ diet, amalkan 5M (macam dalam iklan tu). Organic meaning, I eat mostly natural foods but not entirely vegetarian. Since I work in the food-biotech sector, you get creeped out by the amount of chemicals that goes into your daily meals..seriously. But it’s inevitable 🙄

It scared me skinny, alright. Haha. Lost 4kgs in a month and still losing weight out of sheer horror. Disclaimer: Losing a vast amount of weight in a short period of time is highly unhealthy.

Btw, have you heard of ‘Diet Rasulullah s.a.w’ ?Amalan pemakanan yang paling sempurna. Look it up, yeah.

i think this diet is so unhealthy. u better check with ur DIETICIAN. are u having eating disorder? U have to go to see a psychologist now.. before it’s too late.. losing more than 3kgs in a month is very dangerous. you are so lucky that ur heart didnt stop!!

I agree with you that it’s unhealthy to lose that much in a month’s time, but you can certainly lose 1-1.5kg a week. I’d say losing 10kg in a month is very dangerous, not 3kg. Then again, it all depends on a person’s body composition and how much they need to lose.

And I think you’d have to be on an extremely strict diet for a while before you could really develop any serious heart problems… one month won’t do much damage.

To the OP: did you experience any sagging skin? Since that much weight loss in that amount of time might make it difficult for the skin to adapt and all.

found your site while searching ‘how to lose 10kg in 3 months’, but found ’10kg in 1 month’ instead! lebih fast track. will try ur tips this month. hopefully tak hilang nutrients byk sgt la. btw, i enjoy reading how u write.

I found ur blog while searchn tips to loss weight.. i had a gud tipss here frm u.. thxx…hope it will wrk for me…wish me!!
thx dearr..

hmm…hye guys..m 19 years old now..according to my BMI..i need to lose atleast about 10kg’s to reach the normal weight. can you guys help me by giving some effective idea’s..?? im still studying so i dont have much time to go for jogging…

hi, I live in a dorm its kind of hard to find a boiled egg in the morning. If I just eat cereal and milk plus an apple is that ok?
By the way, what’s the best oat cereal do you reccomend?


I’m allergic to oat (I know it’s WEIRD), is there any substitute I can use for the oat cereal? Can I have corn flakes instead?

hi , do you think i can loose my weight if i do all above except exercise? b’cause i don’t have much time to exercise and i’m sitting for my pmr this year. is it goin to disturb my studies ?

Hmm I lose 15kg in 1 month and 2 weeks so 5kg in 5weeks. To be honest, for me its more easier to lose weight than gaining a weight. Now my weight 69kg and I will continue to 50kg-60kg. When i’m 14teen, i’m dieting until my weight 66kg and continue gaining weight back when i’m 17teen. After SPM, just lose back 15kg. Sound easy right? Yeah, took me 2 years to gain 18kg. So, just need a good DISCIPLINE and thinks before you eat!!! I’m male. and its crazy if i say i <3 lose weight. haha 🙂 not dieting because everyone say you're fat. Dieting because you want to STOP living like a ______ unhealthy human being lmao.

Do you have any particular exercise? I’m 20 and I weigh almost 90kg. I gained almost 20kg after my SPM year. Which is just.. sad. Now I’m a full-time student and eating on the right time is just out of the question :/

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