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Lompat Si Nabila Lompat

Aeropama and Life4Hire left quite an impression when they commented on my previous posted picture, the headless Uhud Jump.

Gambar nabila huda lompat
(From left, Nabila Huda, Etok, NH and Emok)

Before you shoot me, allow me to ask this, is it wrong to jump at Jabal Uhud? It left me disheartened upon reading this entry.

  • We jumped not because we’re monkeys, but because we’re happy to witness the historical battle field
  • We jumped because we want to try different style of pose
  • We jumped because we want to appear cheerful, when actually it’s torturing hot
  • We jumped because it’s rare to have a clear blue sky

As for Nabila Huda, it’s her fault for exposing her calves, but I believe you’ve seen more. Other than that, what’s wrong? It’s not like we jumped in a mosque or morgue. It was a dessert.

You might think I’m defending Nabila (as well as myself). Oh come on, there’s aplenty of saucy stories out there awaits your stereotypical mindset, like the Najib SMS story. Why sink so low for a cheap scoop?


There you go, a basketful of Malays doing the ‘Jordan’ pose. You were saying…?

ps: Jumping reminds me of Zarir, who taught me triple-jumping, which obviously I could never master.

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64 replies on “Lompat Si Nabila Lompat”

hehe…thanks for the kudos…well..i’m not saying it’s wrong but uttering the resemblance of the pic with nabila’s and i don’t want to comment on the nabila part…everyone has their own opinion… but i’m glad i’ve inspired you for this post..haha ๐Ÿ˜€

btw, anyone tried to call the number? been wondering if Najib will answer the phone himself…. ๐Ÿ˜

a cheap scoop is one of malaysians’ favourite gossip flavor, u not know?

some tend to be uptight,hence despising the act. but i think everyone’s entitled to their doings,right or wrong. we don’t have to be judgmental;it’ll hit back at you of some sort.but, being un-judgmental means not being critical:that’s kind of boring…and so not NH


Kamera mahal jer dpt tangkap gamba lompat2 yg cantik.. kamera yg agak biasa2.. jd x cun, kdg2 nampak cam antu.. haha..

Dan, betul tuh NH! Kalu kita dah happy sgt dpt pegi tempat yg susah kita nak pegi, apa salahnya amik pose lompat2.. bkn masjid, perkuburan atau rumah mayat ye x?

thx NH link back kat blog aku ๐Ÿ˜€
setiap org ada pandangan msg2.
dlm entry aku tu tersilap ckp. bkn kat mekah, tp madinah. cuma pndgn aku kurang sopan pompuan melompat mcm tu sampaikan nampak kulit kaki. kalau x tersebar kat tenet xpe. peace eheh

Aku wakil lompat tinggi zaman sekolah dulu.. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Sorry, what’s this obsession over morality right and wrong again? Anything value-added from this kind of shit stirring? Lompatlah ikut suka, kalau Tuhan marah itu urusan Tuhan dia dengan empunya badan. ‘Moral’ policing such a turn off, especially when it deals with the ‘after effects’ instead of the source of the problem.

wuhuhu… typical malaysians mindset dude.
1. org popular or artis mesti tunjuk baik. salah sikit mesti kena kutuk. paparazzi & pengkritik ramai…
2. perempuan kena jaga tatasusila sebagai perempuan. lompat-lompat ni xsesuai… lagi2 kat tanah suci.

nasib baik ko bukan artis. kalau kau artis, lama dah gambar kau jadi kontroversi. mesti kuar muka dpn majalah hiburan yang top.
tagline “artis lelaki popular tidak beradab buat umrah” ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜› โ—

ok.. aku setuju ngan ko.. sama yang aku nampak.. kurang sopan bagi seorang wanita melompat.. mmg tak salah melompat.. tapi.. yang penting.. dia x hipokrit.. dia menjadi dirinya sendiri.. tol x..??

mmg x bleh melompat kat situ ke?

kalau pasal nabila tu, saya baru tau lepas baca post nie. nabila tu mmg camtu kot. perangai dia suka lompat2. ๐Ÿ˜›

the lompat2 pic tu mcm best je utk ditiru. kalo lompat kat pantai lagi best, kot. ๐Ÿ˜›

nothing wrong. we do what we feel like to do as long it’s not in unsuitable location.

it’s depend on how we express our expression right?

erm… it’s more cool of u do like “where the hell is matt”. wakaka.

sekali lagi, aku main teke je tu kt uhud. bole jadi tempat lain. kalau pompuan tak leh lompat, semua pompuan yg aku upload pon bersalah. lagi2 yg tak pakai tudung pastu barang ‘bergoncang’

yup memang aku rasa semua gambar perempuan yang kau upload tu salah lagi-lagi yang tak pakai tudung pastu barang bergoncang.Memang kurang bersopan kalau perempuan melompat.Kalau kau melompat aku x kisah sebab walaupon kau tak pernah reveal gambar kau.Aku percaya kau lelaki haha.Bukan lah bersikap diskriminasi jantina tapi kalau dah perempuan tu memang banyak benda yang perlu jaga.

banyak lagi bende yang kurang elok dan kurang sopan yang permpuan zaman kini buat tapi mungkin kita tak kisah atau tak tahu tu kurang elok sebab kita anggap tu perkara biasa.Macam permpuan keluar malam.sampai pagi.Memang lah tak wat pape.Tapi bukan ke kurang elok kalau camtu.?Mungkin kau boleh guna anologi ni untuk lompatan nabila di tanah suci tu.

mungkin mindaku tipikal tapi tu yang aku faham.

bro! sebagai muslim, ni prinsip aku:
1. agama atau adat – related dgn ni, wajib follow. no excuse. perempuan nak melompat, secara dasar boleh. tapi kalau lompat tu boleh buat dedah aurat & nampak brg bergoncang (yg mungkin boleh buat brg laki len naik), jgn lompat. and so on…

2. berguna atau tak – klu lrgn lompat xde dlm hukum agama atau adat, lompatlah sesuka hati kalau kau rasa ianya berguna utk kau. kalau rs xgune, xpyh lompat. settel!

gembira sangat sehingga melompat.. kan lebih baik, memperbanyakkan doa apabila berada di tmpt yang pdny susah hendak ke sane, timeline untuk ambil masa & bergambar sambil melompat tu boleh buat berwirid.. :up:

Saje nak critically discuss. Obvious religion kene abide. Adat, well tak semua kene follow cth: merisik, skarang org tunang terus je.

lompat utk kesihatan ๐Ÿ˜€

“where the hell is matt” versi melayu la plak.. kumpul2.. buat lagu background.. pastu letak kat utube, aksi lompat2 di merata-rata tempat.. hohoho…

en NH send gamba2 tuh.. nak buat la mcm ‘where the hell is matt’.. kalu tau lokasi lg best.. wohoho

bukan masalah ade ustaz kat sini.. nampaknya ada orang takleh terima pendapat orang lain tetapi memberi pendapat untuk kita menerimanya.. ko kate mindset orang tak boleh ubah.. tapi ko pun same je?

what goes around come around..

cantik gila gambar.. pandai le… bila gi tempat2 macam tuh… x leh blah kalau tak buat satu kenangan yg kreatif.. stakat gambar biasa nanti mudah lupa.. gambar lompat ni bagus… boleh ingat… sampai bila2..


the ones that levitate.. i like! hehe.

on nabila huda tu.. hmm hmm. secara syariahnye, if i were to become strict with religion (and i should be), dah tentulah tak elok sebab nampak aurat. dan bila imej itu dipadankan dengan seorang yang pergi ke tanah suci, kan tak manis tu.

but the entry? i dunno. i read it and see it more like a typical mama juwie “bisik-bisk” section in a lowly local magazine. sorry adi if am being offensive here, but that’s the impression i got upon reading your post.

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