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Logo Contest at SembangKomputer

For those of you (malay lingual blogger) who have extra time in hand, you might want to consider contributing your wealth of knowledge in computing at SembangKomputer. Just like the owner, it’s ads free.

Few months ago, MK ran a logo contest. Procrastinating as always, I failed to make the 13th October deadline. Since the contest is already on, I guess my logo will be nothing more than a scrap on the internet.

Logo Sembang Komputer

So here’s my logo.

Clean, minimalist and innocent, argh! It doesn’t feel like me.

Logo Sembang Komputer 2

That certainly took the load of my chest, evil computer from hellย ย  โžก

Computers are from hell. It makes the day feels shorter, it stresses you when it’s not working and burn a whole in your wallet if you need an upgrade.

Like a girl, you can’t live with or without computer.

ps: Diarrhea + Fever + Headache + Super busy, I could never ask for a better timing.

pss: Tomorrow’s the last fasting day for Puasa 6.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

40 replies on “Logo Contest at SembangKomputer”

haha….sori la beb…ko dh terlepas…ko kawtim la ngan MK ….kuakuakuakua…dpt thumb drive tuh kalau menang tuh…anyway, ko nyer link ada salah sket beb…logo contest tuh salah link… ๐Ÿ˜€

hoho..kitorang bukan gaduh duh…suka mencari pasal membezakan pendapat…itu la yg buat spark otak berapi2…btol x eddie ?

ko nak tgk eddie zaman dulu kala..ko pegi cari kt blog aku..kalau ko jumpa la…haha ๐Ÿ˜›

evil computer from hell?
WAKAKAKAKA mmg padan giler!
ade ke computer from heaven? ๐Ÿ˜›

esok last day puasa 6? aduss tak sempat habis puasa 6 ku~ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

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