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Logitech G7 Mouse: Where are you?

Logitech G7

On my 22nd Birthday, my university mates got me a mouse. It cost RM358, a huge amount of money for any student. It’s wireless, rechargeable and comfy. 3 Weeks ago, I dropped by the office to pick up my mouse. After weeks of searching, it is no where to be found. Though a mouse is a mouse, this one’s different. You’ll love it the minute you touch it! Perhaps I should get a new one.

PS: I am a web developer. I use need precision tools to complete my work. This mouse comes in handy when using photoshop. It’s heavy, steady and accurate to every DPI. Saves me heck a lot of time!

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

18 replies on “Logitech G7 Mouse: Where are you?”

I was eyeing for this mouse actually. However, upon finding out that it has only one thumb button, uses Li-Ion batteries and requires another charging station, I didn’t like it anymore.

I am using the VX Revolution mouse and its true that, once you start using the higher end mouse from Logitech, you will never want to use the cheapskate mouse anymore.

haiyoo!! i know u la edwin..

my classmate in 6 amanah, isn’t it??

I realize it after seeing u’re MCKK9600, so that we’re in the same age. ahahaha.. I’m SSP9600 anyway..

But i’m not sure whether kamu still ingat aku tak.

Perrgh.. Sebenornya kita selalu guna berdasarkan praktikaliti (kegunaan harga).
Tapi biasanya…Biasanya-lah kan, yang mahal pastinya hebat berbanding mouse murah yang Mr Ah Fa pakai ni 🙂

Cari beb, rugi weh sure best mouse mahal ittew!

mahal siot!

aku nye mouse ni ntah jenama apa ntah..
dah ilang tulisan nya..
nmpk sgt mouse murah..hehe..

tapi kewl jugak..

I have seen your mouse before and I think the price is over-charged by sellers. It is somewhat ergonomic but not really 100%. I’m using a very unique mouse too….try search for zero tension mouse in search engine. it is 100% ergonomic as i need it since i suffer from carpal tunnel sindrom. Not available locally…

I have seen your mouse b4. It is somewhat ergonomic but not 100%. I’m using a very unique mouse too…try search for zero tension mouse in search engine. It is 100% ergonomic and I need it as I suffer from carpal tunnel. The price is more expensive than yours though I think the seller was over-charging the mouse u use

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